criterios de Uploaded by. Alexx Torres · Manifestaciones TIÑA. Uploaded by. Alexx Torres · clasificacion del Uploaded by. The clinical outcome was compared with the currently accepted Balthazar’s CTSI and Modified Mortele’s CTSI and revised Atlanta classification. CRITERIOS DE SEVERIDAD DE BALTHAZAR-RANSON PARA TC A.- Páncreas normal. B.- Agrandamiento focal o.

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There is normal enhancement of the pancreatic head arrow. Find articles by Rajesh Gupta. Corelation among clinical, biochemical and tomographic criteria in order baltgazar evaluate the severity in acute pancreatitis.

Material and methods A retrospective, observational and analytic study was made. Published online Jun 1. Mortele Modified CTSI Scoring Normal pancreas 0 Point Intrinsic pancreatic abnormalities with or without inflammatory changes in peripancreatic fat 2 Points Pancreatic or peripancreatic fluid collection or peripancreatic fat necrosis 4 point.

This patient had no fever or signs of sepsis.

Early onset of organ failure is the best predictor of mortality in acute pancreatitis. Clinical outcome Early severity stratification of acute pancreatitis is important to identify patients with the highest morbidity. They may remain sterile or develop infection. Pancreatic disease group, Chinese society of gastroenterology and Chinese medical association. A poor correlation among the results of the clasificackon scales was documented.


CT Evaluation of Acute Pancreatitis and its Prognostic Correlation with CT Severity Index

Their findings were on the lower side as compared to this study. Infection, organ system failure and death were significantly associated with severe grade.

Balthazar E Case 2: At this stage, it is not possible to distinguish between an acute peripancreatic fluid collection and acute necrotic collection. Normal enhancement of the entire pancreas. Unable to process the form. Ongoing gastric outlet, intestinal, or biliary obstruction due to mass effect of walled-off necrosis i. The CT-image shows a homogeneous peripancreatic collection in the transverse mesocolon arrow.

So this is an ANC – acute necrotic collection.

CT Evaluation of Acute Pancreatitis and its Prognostic Correlation with CT Severity Index

Here an example of interstitial pancreatitis. Chin J Dig Dis ; 6: Patient outcome in terms of organ failure and death is more accurately assessed by revised Atlanta classification in comparison with Balthazar and modified ct severity index. These cases illustrate that at times CT cannot reliably differentiate between collections that consist of fluid only and those that contain fluid and solid necrotic debris with or without infection.

USG and abdominal CT are the most commonly used diagnostic imaging modalities for the evaluation of pancreas. ANC 2 Study the images and then continue reading.


Single ill defined fluid collection phlegmon. Axial CT image of abdomen reveals normal anatomy of Pancreas arrows. During the first two weeks patients with severe acute pancreatitis and multi-organ failure should be stabilized in the ICU. It was not possible on our second study to measure it on all of the patients, but in a clasificxcion study it would be of great importance to correlate these parameters in order to look for a better indicator to make the decision of performing clasidicacion not a tomographic study in patients with slight AP.

The patient became septic and a percutaneous drainage was performed. It must be pointed out that the optimal time to perform the tomographic study is 48 to 72 hours after the symptomatology has begun.

Introduction Diseases of pancreas have a very variable presentation and imaging plays an important role in the diagnosis and management of pancreatic diseases. Please review our privacy policy.

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