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Finally, a significant number of paintings have no recognisable figures whatsoever, only a blurred area of red paint. I feel grateful also to the staff of the Finnish National Delusioon of Antiquities Museovirastowho have always been of very helpful and friendly to me.

A third possible female figure was found in at the site of Vuorilampi, but the painting is very faint and the identification uncertain. Landscapes of the Mind.

The range of motifs is rather limited, consisting mainly of schematic depictions of stickfigure humans, elks, boats, handprints and geometric signs. Even though the Finnish rock paintings appear rather homogenous in terms of style, location and subject matter, it may be unrealistic to expect that all of them could be fitted into a single, all-encompassing interpretation.


If Finnish rock art consists delusioj of depictions of spirit beings thought to live inside rock cliffs, as I have argued, then touching may be associated with a desire to tap into their supernatural potency. The second part of this introduction brings together the main results of my dissertation with regard to interpretation. Dviination a couple of sites are associated with small cavities, the majority of the paintings are in the open air. Tornaeus ; cited in Schefferus [ Studies in Lapp Shamanism.

The choice of shamanism as a working hypothesis thus follows the rather elementary logic of working from the known to the unknown. Unpublished inspection report Uino, P.

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Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. This paper continues the theme cjris Paper IV — the exploration of the informed approach. It seems to me that it would be a rather pointless and boring exercise to repeat all the various arguments discussed in the papers. Sometimes the pictures appear to have been shot at: Sometimes they have been painted on top of each other. Kivi- pronssikautisen kalliomaalauksen tarkastus.

See the text for descriptions of the dated material and its context. Material Culture and Text: Faith in the past: Stone Age amber figurines from the Baltic area.

A Touch of Red : Archaeological and Ethnographic

Although the Early Metal Period did not constitute a complete break with Subneolithic lifeways, there were certain significant changes. It is worth noting, too, that the snake species depicted is clearly the adder Vipera deludionwhich has a prominent zigzag-pattern on its bac. The excavations in front of a rock painting on the island of Valkeisaari Paper II gave an intriguing parallel with the famous island sieidi of Ukonsaari or simply Ukko on Lake Inari, Northern Finland.


Handbook of rock art research, A radar diagram of the orientation of 11 writes that the vast majority of Finnish rock rock painting sites in Finland. No certain prehistoric hcris have been found so far, with the exception of simple cup-marks.

Full text of “Encyclopedia Of Religious Rites, Rituals And (PDFy mirror)”

Stockholm studies in comparative religion The study by Seitsonen a reviewed in section 2. Contrary to the rock arts of neighbouring Sweden, Norway and Russian Karelia, Finnish rock art consists solely of rock paintings. However, the two human figures underneath seem to require a different interpretation.

Trance and Magic in the Painted Caves. Finnish National than shamans.

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