Calycopteris floribunda (Roxb.) Lamk. Protologue: Encycl., Suppl. 2: 41 (). Family: Combretaceae. Chromosome number: 2n= Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Calycopteris Floribunda. List of various diseases cured by Calycopteris Floribunda. How Calycopteris Floribunda . Calycopteris floribunda (Roxburgh) Lamarck ex Poiret; C. nutans (Roxburgh) Kurz; C. nutans var. glabriuscula Kurz; C. nutans var. roxburghii Kurz; Combretum.

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The portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Dec for maintenance. Calycopterin is the major flavonol in the leaves. Nectar plants — Calycopteris-floribunda. Crassulaceae, Combretaceae and Myrtaceae Fortnight: Technology Biodiversity in India.

I did not see any flowers or fruits. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Calycopteris floribunda. Views Read Edit View history. This Myrtales article is a stub.

Life cycles are treated in the field for Life Cycle. Host specificity of some wood-decaying fungi in moist deciduous forests of Kerala, India Desc: Some more photos I missed attaching earlier. Moist deciduous forests and scrubjungles, also in the plains. Leaves are x cm, ovate to elliptic, base rounded, tip pointed or tapering-caudate, densely velvet-hairy on both sides, more below, puncatate; leaf-stalk to 1 cm long.


Observation specific search options Observed during.

I did not planted it. They are useful in intestinal worms, colic, leprosy, malarial fever, dysentery, ulcers and vomiting. Butterflies of India, v.

Getonia floribunda in Flora of China @

The fruits are useful in jaundice, ulcers, pruritus and skin diseases. Seen at the Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai.

Getonia nitida Roth Getonia nutans Roxb. Some of my previous photographs of this are available at this link. Natural History Natural History Cyclicity. A poultice of the leaves has been used in Peninsular Malaysia to treat headache. Details of some important contributors. Flowers in dense axillary racemes, crowded towards the ends of the branches. Share on calycopetris Share by email.

Calycopteris floribunda (Roxb.) Lam. ex Poir.

Drupe mm long, with 5 spreading accrescent calyx lobes. The tiny flower- sorry, fruit!! Calycopteris floribunda Scientific caljcopteris Kingdom: Lepidoptera diversity of four sacred groves of Goa, India Desc: The species in Indo-Malesian in distribution.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Document specific search options Title. Retrieved from ” https: Indian Foundation for Butterflies — Butterflies of India.

Outside India, I have examined specimens from Bangladesh and Myanmar. Calendar for your Desktop! Attached are pictures of Getonia floribunda captured at Mumbai in February A general description, with any kind of information about the taxon. I found calyco;teris in a densely populated slum area in Mumbai, was very surprised to see it there. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

Sections of the vine store water, which people often use to quench their thirst. Clarke Getonia floribunda Roxb. The platform is designed for aggregating, displaying and analysing biodiversity data from tropical developing countries and other biodiversity hotspots such as India.

Plz id this woody climber from Yeoor region. Straggling shrub with opposite, entire, elliptic or ovate leaves. Bracts are leafy, 0.

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