Der Jasager und der Neinsager – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view Es una ópera con música de Kurt Weill y libreto en alemán de Bertolt Brecht. Der Jasager. Bertolt Brecht. Bertolt Brecht. Search for other works by this author on: This Site · Google. Theater () 6 (2): The school opera Der Jasager goes back to the Japanese fable Tanikô, a play from by Elisabeth Hauptmann and made its way to Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht .

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Scene from a performance in Berlin. Of course, the pressure of Evaluation encourages them to apply the brechf instructions from the first prompt to Yes 2 and write a paragraph arguing for its pedagogical value.

Whoever says A must also say B. Introspection Late Night Partying. At which point, I finally acknowledge that my students were absolutely justified in their frustration with this belabored exercise, which takes fifteen minutes of class time or even more. The Theatre of Bertolt Brecht. Jazz Latin New Age.

The melody must give clear expression to the gest. The teacher forbids him–the journey is too long and difficult dre he should stay home. Weill ‘s priority in conceiving this work was its educational value. I tell the students that I will once again ask them to hand in their work.

A class on Bertolt Brecht’s Der Jasager/Der Neinsager

At the house, he asks the boy why he has not been to school recently, and the boy replies that his mother has been ill. The child, who decided to join the journey in order to get medicine for his ill mother, becomes sick during the climb and the TEACHER tells him: I beg you not to leave me lying here, but to throw me down into the valley, for I am frightened to die alone.


Immediately after the third reading, I ask for volunteers to respond to three questions:. Go on now, no hesitation On towards our destination. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. This genre of theater provided the perfect material for Der Jasager; the spare, stark, and highly stylized gestures of the Noh actor are reflected in the similarly distilled music by Weill.

Why or why not? AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. But the boy reminds him that he is visiting a great physician, who might be able to help his mother.

Act II The chorus explains that the teacher, the boy, and three older students are on the way back, and the boy cer exhausted ” Die Leute haben die Reise in die Berge “.

Der Jasager (The Yes-Sayer), opera | Details | AllMusic

Then the three students bear him gently to the cliff and throw him over. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. We cannot do that. However, when one hears Weill ‘s music right at the moment that the boy agrees to his death — which is perhaps the most expressive moment in the staid score, one suspects that the composer was not condoning this gruesome scene, but rather condemning it.

Der Jasager – Wikipedia

It was also meant to be educational in another regard, likely a reflection of librettist Bertold Brecht’s increasingly assertive Marxist tendencies. Take three minutes to write a paragraph that presents an original claim about whether or not students would benefit from performing this opera.

Did the form of your response change with each prompt? Did your argument change after each of the three pieces? No, you should not turn back. Yes 1 was not presented at the Berlin festival but first performed by students and broadcast on radio on 23 June — followed by between two and three hundred other school performances before Hitler took power in Germany.


Why have you not replied in accordance with the Custom?

This page was last edited brefht 3 Octoberat Following the performance, I post a prompt for the second writing exercise: The teacher tells him it is forbidden to say such things on the journey, but the three students have overheard and demand to speak to the teacher. Brecht ‘s intention was to present a lesson in the importance of absolute loyalty and consecration to any community of which one becomes part; by begging to go along on the journey, the boy took upon himself a certain commitment to his companions, which is fulfilled in willing execution.

Kurt Weill: He who says yes (The Yes-Sayer)

It is clarity, not lack of clarity that has to prevail in all that the composer wishes to express. I do not know any musician in Europe who would be capable of producing with such simple means so direct an effect on the mind and the nerves. By it had received over one hundred performances in Germany alone, all of them sung dwr performed by children.

In creating an opera for educational use, Weill had to discover what was absolutely essential to his music, and then create a score comprised entirely of those essential elements.

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