Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Dec 1, , A. N. Respati and others published Growth and Production of Brachiaria brizantha cv. B. brizantha intergrades with Brachiaria decumbens and the species may be difficult to distinguish. The main . ‘Xaraés’ (CIAT , MG-5), Costa Rica ( ). Effect of cutting periods on Brachiaria brizantha cv. MG-5 dry mass production and bromatologic-chemical composition []. Costa, K.A. de P. Oliveira, I.P.

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International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences.

Silicon as an attenuator of salt stress in Brachiaria brizantha ‘MG5’

The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of salt stress and silicate fertiliser on the growth and chemical and bromatological composition of B. In this context, forage quality becomes an important factor to be considered in obtaining good animal performance.

Biology, Agronomy and Improvement. Nutritive value is dependent on the basic fertility of the soil, fertiliser application and age of regrowth. Leaf brachiaris frost-sensitive, but the plant survives light frost. The experiment was conducted in a completely randomised design in a 4 x 5 x 3 factorial scheme, with four concentrations of sodium chloride NaCl 0, 20, 40 and 60 mmol L -1equivalent to an electrical conductivity of 0, 3.

Plant response to salt stress and role of exogenous protectants to mitigate salt-induced damages.

Good dry season production. The number of inflorescences and senescent leaves were also quantified. When necessary, the volume of the solution was topped up, and the pH adjusted to 5. Resistant to leaf-cutting ants Atta spp. The concentration of 4. Application of silicon improves salt tolerance through ameliorating osmotic and ionic stresses in the seedling of Sorghum bicolor. Widely planted in tropical America.


Official methods of analysis. The dose of Gy radiation of seeds and regrowth phase 2 gave the best interaction.

Grows on a wide range of soils with pH 4—8, textures ranging from light to heavy but free-draining and fertility from high to low, including those of acidic soils with high soluble Al concentrations.

Effect of gamma cobalt radiation to morphology and agronomic grachiaria three maize cultivar Zea mays L.

After emitting the first leaf, the seedlings were transplanted to trays of In Eastern Venezuela, used in mixtures with B. This increase is associated with the effect of the ion concentration on plant tissue, since there was a reduction in plant growth Figure 1ademonstrating the effects of salt stress on B.

The seeds of B.

Scientific name

Diseases of Tropical Pasture Plants. However, with the increase of Si in the medium, plant height increased from European Journal of Academic Essaysv.

In the wetlands of the Brazilian savannas, planting early in the rainy season results in the loss of seedlings through flooding, so late planting is more bfachiaria.

Leaves flat, bright green up to 20 mm wide and up to cm long. In the second cut, the minimum value was The minimum value obtained was 9.

Comparative response of salt tolerant and salt sensitive maize Zea mays L. An increase in Si availability results in an increase in growth, as this element can act indirectly on various photosynthetic and brachiariw aspects of the plants, increasing the levels of chlorophyll in leaf tissue, altering plant architecture, avoiding excessive self-shading, delaying senescence and protecting plants when subjected to any type of stress ABDALLA, It is also planted as a pasture under plantation crops and as a ground cover for erosion control.


The highest value for OM Genetic variability evaluation of sweet sorghum on mutant two after gamma irradiation. This reduction was from Relatively intolerant of water-logging. Loosely tufted perennial with short rhizomes and erect or slightly decumbent stems 60— cm high occasionally to cm.

Young clumps of cv. The levels of Si in the plant tissue reduced as a function of the NaCl concentration in the solution Figure 1b. ADF levels were reduced as a function of the NaCl in the solution. The lowest value for DM Selected for soils of intermediate to high fertility and rainfall above 1, mm.

The dose of Gy gamma radiation showed the highest number of leaves and tillers. The values for ADIP are correlated with the nitrogen retained in the fibre, which is not available for the action brachiafia ruminal micro-organisms. These variables were quantified before each cut. Causes of salinity and plant manifestations to salt stress: Glumes and lower lemma are cartilaginous in texture.

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