1 fan ( mm). Connectors be quiet! Straight Power BQT EW. Type of connector for the motherboard: 20+4 pin. Number of connectors 4-pin CPU: 2. The be quiet! Straight Power BQT E The be quiet! BQ T E W. W. 6W. 12,5 W. 30A. 30A. 0,5A. W. – Va c. 50 – 60Hz. 10 – 5A. W. Be quiet! no unknown quantity is surely manufacturer, if it concerns power packs. In Silencerkreisen by the earlier P5 and P6 and the.

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The problem here is the size of those failed caps. Post on the forums instead! Be Quiet Dark Power Pro Category Displays only products from the chosen category. Last edited by Scenic; at I used flash on my camera to see the surroundings better. E5-5000w read from the forums here and here that there’s some choices for the same size three as far as I know: If it doesn’t work, then you can recap it again and squeeze in some more appropriate replacements.

Those are probably for the main 5V rail. Dark Power Pro10 W. Be Quiet PurePower W.

Find More Posts by tom Thank you very much for comments! What’s also e5-500 in the second cap is, that it was covered with a rubber “sock”, best seen in the last picture. Ebay sure can find fake caps from china with appropriate size, but that’s another thing. Users – 0 Reviews Average score from owners of the product.


Personally, I just put a resistor in parallel with the thermistor, so that the controller wakes up sooner. I hope you could help me with that. Be Quiet Straight Power 11 W. Since my plug is on wires, which I can have away from the PSU, it also saves having my hands too close to live components. Straight Power 11 W. Straight Power E7 W.

Their plight, in fact is even worse, they don’t realize that they’re cantonists, they think they’re free men. TFX Power 2 W. Dark Power Pro P9 W.

If anything it will improve the longevity by installing over rated caps. I wouldn’t recommend you to replace uF caps with uF. Be Quiet Pure Power W. It prevents startup and can fry 5VSB related components due to them running hot. Power supplies are now coming into their own in the PC-build market with an increasingly large number of builders, including first-timers, recognizing the need for high-end, stable PSUs to drive their custom rigs.

Pure Power 10 CM. Reviews page 1 of 1. I’d suggest replacing the fan while you’re at it. Dark Power Pro 10 W. Dark Power Pro P11 W. Be Quiet Pure Power 11 W.

Find More Posts by Scenic. It’s different for every fan controller, but I usually find out by temporarily soldering a Trimmer Pot in.

Tweak it until you find a good idle speed, and once you’re happy with it, remove it and measure the resistance, and find a resistor which is approximately what you had the pot set to, although be careful not to move the knob when you’re removing the pot.


Pure Power 11 W. More popular products from the same category. First one can be seen in second attachment picture, and another in third and fourth pictures.

Be quiet! Straight Power E5 W specifications

This is my first time posting though, as I’ve run into a problem. Pure Power 10 W CM. Or they could be for the standby, but causing problems when the computer tries to start – as it will draw a bit more from standby on start up.

Number of reviews Excludes all products with a lower number of reviews that your choice. Join our Consumer Panel! There will be no compensation issues with a low power output like that. Was this review helpful?

Be quiet! Straight Power E5 500W

The time now is I can’t see an issue with using ultra low ESR caps on a standby output. So then I was wondering if this uF cap could be replaced with a uF one? Pure Power 11 W NikkTech.

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