Study Flashcards On NAVEDTRA , MILITARY REQUIREMENTS, BASIC ( BMR) at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Study Flashcards On BMR assignment 1 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the grade you want!. Free flashcards to help memorize facts about NAVEDTRA , MILITARY REQUIREMENTS, BASIC (BMR). Other activities to help include hangman.

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Such as whistling, personal questions, lewd or sexual comments, suggestive posters or calendars, off-color jokes, leering or staring, or foul language. Eisenhower in because of the Korean conflict.

NAVEDTRA 14325, MILITARY REQUIREMENTS, BASIC (BMR) Chapter 10 Flashcards Preview

Ohio Class sub This class of fast-attack submarine: Radar and Sonar came into use when? Intentional misleading or deceitful conduct Define Waste? During World War II Define fore and aft Length wise direction Define athwartshops Cross wise Defien rearmost of the ship stern A ship is divided in half length wise by Center line Define starboard Right side of the ship Define Port Left side of the ship The backbone of the ship is called the Keel What do you call vertical walls Bulkheads The vertical distance from the bottom of the keel to the waterline is the ship’s what?


Embed Code – If you would like this activity on your web page, copy the script below and paste it into your web page. The are designated to clear mines. Raw or inadequately treated sewage. When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give name, rank, service 1432, and date of birth.


Vessels may not discharge unpulped trash at sea within how many nautical miles from the U. If I am senior, I will take command. I am prepared to give my life in the defense. If not, I will obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me Article V When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give name, rank, service number, and date of birth.

Free Unfinished Flashcards about NAVEDTRA , BMR

Hold your salute until you salute is returned or until you are about how many paces past the officer. They are fast with little armor. I will nnavedtra in my God and in the United States of America. I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and out way of life.

NAVEDTRA 14325, Ch. 5, BMR Flashcards Preview

The turning point of the war in the Pacific came in the Battle of Midway. If captured you need only to give your: Good to go, acceptable behavior, performance counseling, social interaction, polite compliments.

It was first put to sea on Jan 17, Article II I will never surrender of my own free will. You may also click on the card displayed in any of the three boxes to bring that card back to nmr center.

Empennage tail The Most common form of a salute is a hand solute Start you hand salute approx. Passing honors are rendered when ships are how many yards?


NAVEDTRA , Ch. 5, BMR Flashcards by Danielle Frei | Brainscape

The mission of a nuclear sub navedtar. Whose unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause damage to national security. Bearing and distance to the nearest land, sea and wind conditions, and water temperature. Normally the CO grants how many weeks or days convalescent leave after the servicewoman has delivered the baby. If in command I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have means to resist.

A fixed wing aircraft is divided into what three basic parts. The best way to control serious bleeding: The turning point of the war in the Pacific came in what battle? A persons well known in American History.

The following information will be passed over the 1-MC during abandon ship. This behavior includes sexual favors for rewards, explicit pictures, obscene letters or comments, touching, fondling, or forced kissing. Article VI I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which make my country free. I will never surrender of my own free navedgra.

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