For suppression of Fusarium Wilt and Black Root Rot of Cotton by activating the plant’s natural resistance mechanisms. Bion Label ( bytes) · Bion SDS ( . BION®/ ACTIGARD®, Crop Enhancement, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Turkey, United States, Acibenzolar-S-methyl acts as a. Acibenzolar-S-methyl GRASSLAND AND NON-CROP AREAS – OZ/ ACRE TOMATOES AND PEPPERS.

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Therefore it plays an important role in conducting better agricultural practices for HO sunflower cultivation in central Europe.

In contrast to our results, Sommer concluded that the CULTAN fertilization, in general, induces the plants to be healthier and stronger. BION 50 WG is a systemic and must be applied proactively and regularly in the times greater dissemination of the pathogen and susceptibility of the crops.

However, a change of N-supply to ammonium-based liquid fertilizer could not protect sunflower plants from fungal attack in Its fields of application are the protection, but by the terrible Shot of the fire bacterial, the defense of the core by the Massacre caused by Pseudomonas avellanae and the protection of tomato from the dotting and the maculation bacterial Characterized by a toxicological profile, and particularly favorable environmental, Bion is formulated in a comfortable and practical granules dispersible isocyanates, it is not classified and can be purchased and used without the need of a licence.

For these reasons BION 50 WG must be used in advance and should be seen as a useful tool to be integrated with current technical measures and agronomy for the control of the disease. This relatively new plant nutrition method is believed to create more vital plant development in addition to its benefit hindering nitrate leaching and reducing plant nutrition costs.



This product is not sold individually. An integrated project funded by the Agency of Renewable Resources FNR was initiated in to find possibilities to extend the production area of HO sunflowers in Germany.

Extremely dry weather conditions all over Germany in prevented most fungal infections in the field and obstructed any reliable statistical evaluation with relation to the tested cultivation measures for decreasing the fungal infection rate.

Felgentreu Anbauverfahren mit N.

Bion 50WG Fungicide

Being a First generation Entrepreneur, Dr. Also Felgentreu confirmed that the liquid ammonium fertilization shows no negative effect on winter rape, in fact leads to an improvement of resistance to fungal diseases.

The mycelium was fixed with an adhesive strip to the leaf. Uncommon heavy rainfall was experienced inwhereas was extraordinary syngeenta and dry.

Adornato Francesco phone With A basis of acibenzolar-S-methyl, Bion not only represents a new chemical family, the benzothiadazoli BTH syngentta, equipped with a mechanism of action absolutely original; is, in fact, a real revolution that opens new horizons in the field fitoiatrico.

The leaf test of Bertrand and Tourvieille was modified to determine the reaction of sunflowers to artificial infection by Sclerotinia. My Account Documents view all Events upcoming Membership status.

An integrated project was established in Germany to expand the production area through better agronomic practices and through breeding synbenta maturing cultivars. CULTAN fertilization did not result in a significant improvement of plant health, but caused an increase in fungal infection rate in The plant builds a root bulb around this high concentrated ammonium depot and absorbs the nitrogen slowly over a longer time period.

BION 50 WG shows a different mode of action compared to the products currently used against PSA, such as for example the copper and microbiological formulations, as well as having a high mobility within the plant tissues, acibenzolar-S-methyl acts by activating the systems natural defenses of plants, making them more resistant to the penetration and spread of the pathogen. Therefore syngemta one symgenta at the beginning of the vegetation period is adequate.

  DECRETO 4299 DE 2005 PDF

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, and Eastman Chemical Company, a global advanced materials and specialty additives company, recently announced a At seven different growth stages, with 2 weeks intervals, syngeta from the first leaf pair stage, the third fully grown leaf from the top was infected with Sclerotinia inoculum. Activator of autodifese of the plant for the prevention of bacterial diseases of pear, apple, hazelnut, and tomato and kiwi KIWI.


Bion is in fact registered in Italy as an activator of the autodifese of the plant, a new category of plant protection products. Forward Favorites Print Share Source: The nitrogen nutrition source sybgenta the plants with this method is ammonium instead of nitrate as common.

BION was applied at growth stage of first pair of leaves unfolded.

Bion, a product that represents a real revolution in the field of fitoiatrico. High oleic HO sunflower in Germany have a market potential of Its fields of application are the protection, but by the terrible Shot of the fire bacterial, the defense of the core by synegnta Massacre caused by Pseudomonas avellanae and the protection of tomato from the dotting and the maculation bacterial. Next to plant production and breeding this integrated project deals also with analysis of sygenta quality parameters of HO sunflower oil using near infrared spectroscopy NIRS.

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