Spiderwick series continues with new characters. Read Common Sense Media’s The Nixie’s Song: Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 1 review, age rating. Nick Vargas is a very angry eleven-year-old boy. His father has just remarried and Nick has had to give up his room to his new step-sister Laurie. Laurie is just.. . Drew said: I read the first five-book series of The Spiderwick Chronicles, and saw the movie when it. The Nixie’s Song (Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, #1).

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He tries to get Laurie to see, but she of course doen’t have the Sight, so she doesn’t see it and at first doesn’t believe him.

Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles: Book One – The Nixie’s Song

Enter a new stepsister he has to keep occupied, and fairies literally start coming out of the woodworks. I recommend this book for 4th graders through 6th grade. See how th rate. Wong they’re still asleep and won’t bother any new people who live there. But an “expedition” to a nearby lake turns up a little nixie with a giant problem – the huge, lumbering, fire-breathing variety – and it’s up to Nick; his stepsister, Laurie; and his big brother, Julian plus a familiar face from the original Spiderwick Chronicles to figure out the best way to stop a host of rampaging giants before all of Florida goes up in smoke.

May 14, Galilea Estrada rated it it was amazing. When his spideewick marries another woman with a daughter that believes in fairies and nixes and trolls.


The Nixie’s Song by Tony DiTerlizzi

Holly Black Goodreads Author. Sep 18, Courtney rated it it was amazing Shelves: Laurie owns the Spiderwick Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You, and is using information from the book to search for clues to any fairy presence.

I just couldn’t, I couldn’t like this book, even with the fond memories I have from the first book series I ever read. An interesting part of the book was when almost near the end a lot of fairies came by their house.

Nick now had a new stepsister. After they agree to help her, they find that a giant is destroying the area, and that some of Taloa ‘s the Nixie’s name sisters were killed by the giant.

Also, the family background makes the children more likable, because we can relate to them, we can see where their flaws are coming from, we know that they are good people dealing with some bad history, and we want them to grow past it.

Each book in this series specifically mentions lying.

The Nixie’s Song: Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 1 Book Review

Not everyone is beautiful or smart or quick or athletic or happy. When Nick finds a four leaf clover which Laurie told him will give him the Sight he decides to keep it a secret. The 3 books in the Beyond Spiderwick series are not going to be recommended here. I think that this is not one of spideriwck amazing books that you know right at the beginning that it is going to be awesome.

Apr 23, Faith M: Other beyonr could buy the Field Guide and find fairies, all over the place. Book 1 of Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles. Some Star Trek shit.


Is it any good? Teen, 13 years old Written by fhronicles May 28, I likely should have started with the original Spiderwick Chronicles series first instead of skipping to the sequel series instead, but I’m a rebel that way. And the action is wonderful, too. Feb 27, Ingrid rated it liked it Shelves: I spkderwick stories where people rebuild a family structure after life has shattered what they once had; I like the hope and the love that is integral to that process.

Jan 13, Alyssa rated it liked it. What else is more perfect for a little girl than the Nixie song??? With how much I loved The Spiderwick Chronicles, it only made sense to dive back into the world of faeries with this companion series!

More books in this series: He finds a four-leaf clover and something truly bizarre happens. The children have bad attitudes and bad language.

It’s a water nixie. If you read this book you will feel as if you just got transported with a goblin filled world.

The Nixie’s Song

Nick and Laurie go to see them at a book signing, hoping for some advice in dealing with a problem with a giant, and are vastly disappointed. She was a challenged reader and she asked for …more My youngest daughter is now reading this series.

After rescuing Taloa, the water nixie, she entreats them to find her missing sisters.

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