Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. From his temporary home in the leafy suburbs of An Italian Discovers the U.S. by [Severgnini, Beppe] . The book is actually an English version of Un italiano in America now with a postscript five. : An Italian in America (): Beppe Severgnini: Books. Un Italiano in America (Italian Edition) Paperback. out of 5 stars 4. When Beppe Severgnini and his wife rented a creaky house in Georgetown they Tutto ha inizio con le aspettative disattese di un italiano medio che emigra.

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Also, his knowledge of Washingtonian life outside the Georgetown bubble was lacking; a previous reader of my library copy assiduously severgnlni out every reference to “North Virginia,” My biggest complaint with this book is the title– An Italian Discovers Georgetown might be better, as the book very rarely ventures outside that neighborhood and the bizarre idiosyncrasies of Washingtonian life.

Sep 17, Callie S. Ti sembra di essere accanto a italianp quando la sera, accanto al camino, ti racconto cosa gli e’ successo quel mese. So things can be a little baffling, but try not to get so worked up over it. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. This is not the Italian version, as I don’t think I could make heads or tails Nov 12, Michael Martin rated it did not like it.

Un italiano in America : Beppe Severgnini :

Good insight into the Italian mind in America. I loved the observations that Severgnini made of Americans and believe that, for the most part, he did a good job to keep from making gross generalizations.


I figure that this is the way the literary gods speak, so I try my best to listen. It’s not a big deal. Lo shopping online era pura fantascienza! I do not know if Severgnini has written about his other, previous trips to America, severgnii which he stated sevegnini he made several lengthy tours around the country with various other family members, but I find nothing missing from this memoir.

Severrgnini an italian immigrant I must say that is all true. I guess that’s only two shallow reasons. After six months, some conclusions appear inevitable. For a more modern version of this book, I recommend watching “Stephen Fry in America,” where Fry travels throughout the entire country and remarks of his impressions, and reading the companion book, Stephen Fry in America.

For example, he talks a lot about AmericaOnLine and Compuserve — wow, those are super-old and no longer have anything to do with Americans, or any other country!

I mean, physically my body reached the counter before his, but I didn’t bring with it the knowledge of what exactly the hell I’m doing there. It was a pretty narrowly defined experience, mostly in DC, the suburbs, and a few other areas nearby on Eastern seaboard such as Ocean City, MD verrrry briefly. When Beppe Severgnini and his wife rented a creaky house in Georgetown they were determined to see if they could adapt to a full four seasons in a country obsess In the wry but affectionate tradition of Bill Bryson, Ciao, America!

Crossing Rome streets held no fear for me – the American SUV driver yields to no one, never mind a pedestrian!

Reflects the time he was living in the USA–the nineties. For example, I think I was born to live in Italy. Some parts of this book remind me of why I can’t wait to get back to Europe: But I think what I’m getting at here and I apologize for my consumer-centric examples is that they don’t always take everything so seriously over there.


Il giorno della civetta Gli Adelphi Vol. Having lived overseas, I thought I had a broader perspective on life in the States, but I’m still italaino American, so I apparently can’t totally remove myself from the picture.

Also, Severgnini gets lazy toward the end and then I don’t think the final point he makes in the epilogue has much to do with the rest of the work. This is how the modern version works.

Ciao, America!: An Italian Discovers the U.S. by Beppe Severgnini

Dec 24, Ester Elbert rated it it was amazing. As big as the United States is, a family could spend a year traveling and still not visit every area of interest, and we would get a italuano of mostly gas stations, restaurants, and motels. It often reads more like blog posts for the crowd back home than like a true probing of the American spirit. La mia recensione itaaliano su http: The arbiters of our fate are the operatives of the sanitation department.

I really liked this book.

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The book is a classic example of someone from another culture entering a foreign country and providing keen insight into both his native and host cultures. An Italian Discovers the U. May 26, Becca Darling added it. Have you bought ketchup recently?

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