Buy A Prison Diary: Volume 1 – Hell Reprints by Jeffrey Archer (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Title: A Prison Diary Volume I: Belmarsh: Hell (The Prison Diaries) Author(s): Jeffrey Archer ISBN: / (UK edition) Publisher: . Jul 26, When Lord Archer published volume one of his prison diary, Belmarsh: Hell, in , the critical consensus was that ‘Jeff’,as he likes to be.

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They want a drug and this is the one they can obtain. I think it is the banality of Lord Archer’s mind that does it, the complete absence of originality, of poetry or indeed of any outstanding quality, good or bad.

Open Preview See a Problem? Transferred from the inferno of Belmarsh to the sweeter regime of Wayland prison in far Norfolk, Jeff loses the plot. On the positive note this is written more from an observer’s point of view, which in fact is how Mr.

Observer review: A Prison Diary, Volume Two by Jeffrey Archer | UK news | The Guardian

Archer is a “dodgy character” if you consider the many reviews on his life succinctly listed in his entry on Wikipedia. I’ve always thought that Archer was a bit of a dodgy character.

But there are those, too, who, no matter what their previous histories, attempt to live their prison lives with dignity and integrity. He contrives to make his complaints merely querulous, even where justified and there is no doubt that our prisons heap unnecessary petty humiliations upon prisoners, usually through inefficiency.


Jun 04, Karen rated it it was amazing. Further, it seems there are more heroin addicts coming out of prison than going in. View all 3 comments. There is not an ounce of contrition for his behaviour yell led to his conviction, well, he “wuz stitched, wuznt he! Archer would feel quite understandably inside the British penal system, being a “model citizen” most of his life. In case the market aka the reader has missed the significance of this potential acquisition, Jeff’s publishers helpfully provide a colourful Botero reproduction in a lavish plate-section.

His prose is as flat as that of a local newspaper’s report of a wedding or a funeral: Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. It was well jeffrsy and a had a few interesting things to say, but on the whole I was obviously disappointed.

Other books by Jeffrey Archer.

But it does also provide an interesting fly on the wall view into what everyday life in prison is like and a high category prison for rapists and murderers at that ; the tedium, the bad food, the mindless bureaucracy, and yet more tedium. Jun 21, Tracey rated it belmaesh it. He picked up a pen and started writing again.

Lord Archer’s true crime

Sergio is a superior prisoner, his mother being a friend of Fernando Botero, the world-famous Colombian artist. Instead the insight into the prison service and some of its more off-the-wall rules had me laughing, crying and full of righteous indignation as the book progressed. Everyone wants to be his friend. I really liked this first book of the trilogy – I have always enjoyed Archers writing!

I also couldn’t understand how he survived on the little food he a The first in his A Prison Diary trilogy, Archer chronicles his first three weeks in what I would call a maximum-security prison. He famously has a clockwork schedule in his normal life. He is married to Mary Archer, a scientist specialising in solar power. While the memoir did not lay out his case for the reader to judge its merit, it does become obvious that the justice served was too heavy handed, complicated by other twists of injustice.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nov 16, Jeanne-Ann rated it it was ok.

Arcer to an apocryphal story, Picasso was once asked to support a fund dedicated to getting Russian writers out of Soviet prisons. There are two more parts, Purgatory and Heaven where he chronicles the rest of his two years behind bars. Unlike anything he’s ever written this is ardher real eye opener. You did the crime, now do the time. Yet he began writing down his days in the prison. A non fiction book from the best selling author.

This book, along with the other two diaries Jeffrey Archer kept, after being sent to prison for perjury, is really well written and kept me reading the 2nd or 3rd time round I’ve lost track.

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