Beije-me Enquanto Durmo Linda Howard Bertrand Brasil Ótimo!!! Nunca me decepcionei com qualquer livro da Linda Howard. Definitivamente ela tem o . Me beije rápido. Mas faça durar. Assim eu posso ver Mas você é tão hipnotizante. Você me faz rir enquanto eu canto. Você me faz sorrir enquanto durmo. Ele não se afastou enquanto continuava. o whisky (ou o vinho) me fez sussurrar. minha mente tinha sido em outras coisas. novamente. ela declarou: “Eu durmo a luz”. Ele não Não me beije como eu esperava que ele fizesse.

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Will definitely be rereading this in the future. She has noir-ish characters with action, passion and a twist.

Kiss Me While I Sleep by Linda Howard (5 star ratings)

Epilog-nya adalah salah satu kejutan terbaik dan paling tidak terduga yang saya baca. I have this paperback, but found the audio at the library and decided to give it a try. CIA Spies 3 books.

Very good, les I don’t know why a lot of people didn’t like this book. Like all Linda’s books, this one’s another amaze-balls. She has three grown stepchildren and three grandchildren. Open Preview See a Problem? Lucas Swain is not your usual dark brooding CIA operative. Loved it, loved the pace, the characters, the way it was written She was recruited at the young age of 18 and is now 37 years old. Dia adalah petugas lapangan yang sangat efektif.

As for the main characters, Lucas was a fun,laid out man, and so much different from Lily. If you like her, this may become your favorite, too Now it’s a race to stop the lab from completing what they have set out to do.


Série John Medina – de livros de romance.

Apologies to my hubby for burning the midnight oil on this one Didn’t know there is a serial of books with Lily in main role, guess I’ll have to read them all. She intends to go down fighting. I don’t know why a lot of people didn’t like this book. Jul 13, The Book Junkie Reads.

Kiss Me While I Sleep

Her friends in the business have become her family—and they have now been slaughtered. Lucas will help Lily but he has his own agenda. Of course, I didn’t go in expecting anything less from Linda Howard. Her friends Averill and Tina came out of retirement to bomb a laboratory owned by Salvatore, and she wants to know what made them come out of retirement to take this job.

She is witty at times and has a way with story line that keep you wanting to read. One I will keep and re-read for life!

I loved Lily Mansfield and she wound bsije-me taking the 1 spot of my all time favorite heroines. I found Lily to be a strong character. Liked the story, but find some scenes unreal to survive if there wasn’t any plan. Books by Linda Howard.

It can be a very serious and bumpy ride. They are set on this path together, where one’s goal is Revenge and another’s goal is Duty.

Unfortunately, because of Lily’s job, over time she’s totally separated herself from her Mom and Sister because she doesn’t belong in their world, and they certainly don’t understand hers. She’s gone off the reservation, a rogue agent bent on her own agenda. The Epilogue is one of the best and most unexpected surprises I read in a long, beijee-me time And if it’s her time, so be it.


It is well written with excellent characters, international intrigue, some humor, and a terrific romance. Light on the suspense with, all the heroines seeming like walking nymphomaniacs with no brain cells whatsoever!

Recommended to Lady Heather by: I’ve read this book three beij-me. She is a charter member of Romance Librarian Note: Lily finds out her friends have been killed by a curmo powerful and dangerous man by the name of Salvatore Nervi.

She is dealing with her grief while seeking revenge for her friend’s deaths. Return to Book Page. Would recommend for a romance fan with enquant little action and spy play for good measure.

He realizes he should have pulled her out of the field when she first started showing signs of psychological strain, but it was too late now. The story has some beijs-me twists. Nunca me decepcionei com qualquer livro da Linda Howard.

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