Batch Posted: by gshackney. I’ve found a few scripts claiming to do this, but cannot find one that works. Any thoughts?. If you don’t have a copy of AppleWorks any longer or would prefer to batch convert loads of documents at one go, there are a couple of utilities. Cult of Mac reader Nancy S. asks, “How can I convert my Appleworks files to Page files. I have many old files that APple didn’t think were.

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Of course the format aplleworks not exactly the same in document was not saved exactly as it appeared in AW, but at least all of the content appeared.

How can I batch convert Appleworks to iwo… – Apple Community

Tue Nov 20, 2: Sign up using Facebook. Maybe your local Apple Store will let you show applewodks with a firewire drive and convert them all proper-like. Thanks for trying, Sometimes you need to take a little action to help yourself. Applications Speciality level out of ten: Errors are reported in the file “import2iWorkReport.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. No drawing, no painting, no spreadsheet and a few database files that I know I can’t save. Is there any way to batch convert them into a more usable file format?


converting AppleWorks to Microsoft Word (Mac), | MacRumors Forums

If some of your AppleWorks files were made in earlier versions of AppleWorks, or are nor word processing files, that would explain the error message. I wish man pages for linux things actually, you know, clearly told you what something does and how to do it, with examples.

You cannot open any other type draw, paint or database of AppleWorks 6 documents with any iWork application nor can you open AppleWorks 5 or any version of ClarisWorks documents. I keep an old mac around just for holding on to Appleworks documents.

Tue Nov 20, 1: Nothing will open Paint documents or databases. I guess my question should have been: Couple of questions before I do the conversion: Yvan Koenig, who tends to post in the Pages forum rather than here, had a lot of scripts, including one to do this, on his iDisk: It looks like it’s time to resurrect an old G4 machine and put an old version of iWorks on it.

What was the result of you trying to use that script? Use the AppleScript editor to open it: Yvan includes instructions in French and in English in every finished script of his that I have seen.


batch converting AppleWorks / ClarisWorks files to RTF or similar

I will be testing the final run of his new script on my project tomorrow and once that is done, with his permission, I will post the script so others can use it. The description below, copied from the English notes at the head of the script, should answer your questions. Most of my files are word processing. You should’ve posted the script.

Sep 8, Sign up using Email and Password.

While your issues may have been solved there is still the issue of drawing documents. If I applewors Yvan’s revision dates notes not included in the quoted portion above correctly, this script is a late update of the earlier early script referred to in Roger’s post. I’ll see if I can remember to bring my G5 home from work.

Ditto on the TextEdit trick.

The only thing it will drop is tables elements. All documents were AW 6 and documents.

Sep 9, 6:

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