THE THOUGHTFUL INVESTOR BASANT MAHESHWARI [BASANT MAHESHWARI] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 3 results for Books: “Basant Maheshwari” by Basant Maheshwari and Ramesh Purohit THE THOUGHTFUL INVESTOR BASANT MAHESHWARI. Basant Maheswari’s – The Thoughtful Investor When they can delivery then why to bother to go somewhere. Order and get the book at your doorstep. Manavv.

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What is your opinion on Meghmani now?

Basant Maheswari’s – The Thoughtful Investor

Maheshwari but then at the end of the day, what is important is thoubhtful make money and he had achieved it in actually a well calculated and calibrated manner.

Is it good enough for a reader beginner who do not know much about trading and stock market but is serious about learning the ins and out of trading.

They had to interpret and adapt foreign authors’ work in terms of Indian market scenarios, which meant the outcome ranged from useful to impractical conclusion. Occasionally some stock goes much high resulting into concentration, and I am comfortable with thlughtful. However I really liked this book. Aug 07, Amrutayan Pati rated it it was amazing.

They sort of appear in the book time and again. If you see a fifth stock, you ask a very honest question if it is better than the existing ones and more often than not I reject dabbling with stock outside my portfolio unless it is an extraordinary opportunity This strategy seems to be working for me as of now. I have grown my portfolio 6 times in last 3 years.

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The Thoughtful Investor

There might be thousands of books about the financial markets and this one is as good as any. A good ‘on the ground’ perspective on Indian public markets and how you can make money from them. In basannt long run, debt s far better than equity dilution.

And there investro rules that might work for a matured markets in EU and US but those same rule need be true for the Indian market.

You should also go through his lecture at IIM Ranchi available on youtube. If you are feeling upset over the fact that you sold off your multibagger stock too early, you can take solace from the fact that even a super-savvy investor like Prof Sanjay Bakshi has fallen victim to the premature sale syndrome and lost out on incredible 33x gains.

Himanshu Mahajan rated it it was amazing May 13, DrRahul Patil rated it really liked it Sep 18, I am listing out here the fundamental features of a few well known inevstor advisory services.

As now the cycle has started to reverse after a year gap and the raw material that tohughtful this phenomenal growth thoughtvul bound to become expensive and hence the downside risk.

Having said that, the author has tried his best to make the reader understand that the Indian market is unique. The author walks you through his investment hypothesis during the multiple cycles through examples and detailed analysis on rationale for entry and exit – thoughrful read!! On the one hand, the concern is that the gains, if not booked, could evaporate into thin air in a market downturn.


Kanishka Sirdesai rated it liked it May 23, For a newbie like me it has lots of sensible advice and insights. Is there any growth trigger awaiting in hsil?

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Sep 16, Vikas Agarwal rated it really liked it. The initial chapters are good for beginners but after that a beginner might just get lost since he might not understand some terms. Spot On Rajesh,Also listen to the video on youtube on launch of this book.

Enter your email address: He has also revealed top secrets of his investment strategy.

: Basant Maheshwari: Books

As a beginner, I found the book catering to both the psychological as well well as strategical aspect of investing in equity. But somehow he forgets to mention that he entered them post when the cycle for cheap credit started and emerging economies have been flush with cheap money ever since.

Hi, this is my first book on investing and i enjoyed and learned so many things from the book but no real time examples covered for analysis of the stock, If covered, it will be very good learning. I usually don’t follow this philosophy but you never know when you have to us This thoughtcul was completely different then my investment philosophy.

Aug 11, Maheshwrai Pandey rated it liked it.

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