The Bardoli Satyagraha, was a movement in the independence struggle led by Sardar Vallabhai Patel for the farmers of Bardoli against. Myth and reality in the Bardoli Satyagraha ‐ a study in Gandhian politics Essays in Gandhian Politics — Rowlatt Satyagraha of (Oxford, ). The peasants who participated in the Bardoli Satyagraha of did not form a homogeneous group. They belonged to different castes and different social and.

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As regards the cultivating landowners, 50, acres of land were forfeited though not sold. Sardar Patel – The Hero of Bardoli. He wrote to the government to fulfil the demands of the peasants. Gandhiji, along with Patel, conducted the movement in such a way satyagraa it carried, throughout the period, its non-violent character.

This created an awakening among the peasant masses to get mobilised for fulfilling their demands. Their relations with the lower caste, that is, small, marginal and agricultural labourers were quite unsatisfactory.

Dhanagare has sketched satyagrzha portrait of the socio-economic background of Bardoli.

A meeting of representatives of 60 villages at Bamni in Kadod division invited Sardar Patel to lead the campaign. Definitely, not much attention was paid to the basic problems of the peasants. Gandhiji observed that the Kali Paraj was living in dire poverty.

Bardoli Satyagraha: Latest News & Videos, Photos about Bardoli Satyagraha | The Economic Times

Inan agreement was finally brokered saryagraha a Parsi member of the Bombay government. The withdrawal of the movement was not a happy affair. But Gandhi merely asked what Patel thought, and when the latter replied with confidence about the prospects, he gave his blessing. Dhanagare argues that the movement pleaded the cause of the rich and middle class peasants.

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The Bardoli satyagraha was launched in mid-February A Protest Vyborg Manifesto.

Vallabh Bhai Patel was contacted by the local leaders to take up the satyagrahaa of movement. Aided by Parikh, Vyas and Pandya, he divided Bardoli into several zones — each with a leader and volunteers specifically assigned. Patel then asked Gandhi to consider the matter. Wages, just enough for subsistence, sstyagraha paid in kind and were so low that the amount borrowed could never be repaid.

Patel also placed some activists close to the government, to act as informers on the movements of government officials.


Workers in Bombay textile mills went on strike and there was a threat to bring about a railway strike that would make movement of troops and supplies to Bardoli impossible. Cornish Rebellion of That every such awakening, every such effort as that of Bardoli will bring swaraj nearer and may bring it nearer even then any direct effort is undoubtedly true.

The stock of Kali Paraj people mainly consisted of Dubla, also called Halpati. The farmers received complete support from their compatriots in Gujarat. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Inthe taluka of Bardoli in Gujarat suffered from floods and famine, causing crop production to suffer and leaving farmers facing great financial troubles. Many hid their most precious belongings with relatives in other parts, and the protestors received financial support and essential supplies from supporters in other parts. University of California Press.


The farmers celebrated their victory, but Patel continued to work to ensure that all lands and properties were returned to every farmer, and that no one was left out. The Congress Party found the concessions too meagre. The Dubla or the Hali has never been that kind of poverty. He was widely respected by common Gujaratis across the state.

The bardli began to auction the houses and the lands. But, surely, the movement provided strength to the national freedom struggle.

This system of recruiting agricultural labour had grown out of money-lending practices. As a matter of fact, the satyahraha of the legislative assembly was so strong that the government was obliged to take a soft stand against the movement. Though the Patidars appeared to be benevolent to the lower castes, the harmonisation of the latter prepared a suitable ground for peasant satyagraha.

This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat The momentum from the Bardoli victory barxoli in the resurrection of the freedom struggle nationwide. The farmers would leave the village and hide in the jungles. Patel had appointed volunteers in every village to keep watch.

The satyagraha had begun. This increase in land tax was immediately opposed by the Congressmen. Gandhiji very rightly observed on the success of Bardoli agitation:.

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