Balban through his theory of kingship endeavored to prove that he had not taken the throne by the poisoned cup or by the dagger of the murderer. K. A. Nizami. The Maliks in grief at Balban’s death, remarks Barni, threw dust on th heads He based his claim to kingship not on a human compromise but on Divi. Right. An Assignment on Theories of Kingship in Delhi Sultanate Submitted by- of the forty minsters, Gias-al-Din balban seized the throne in grim splendor and amid.

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Idea of Kingship and State Organization in Delhi Sultanate

kingdhip And not only that, Muslim jurists were equally uncertain about the foundations of Islamic political power in a post- caliphal world. He punished severely the members of the forty for minor offences with a view to destroy their mage.

To make these reports accurate and honest, he greatly restricted the field of individual observation and when the report was made, he showed no indulgence on the score of the rank or birth.

Later on, in order to punish them and lessen their significance in the eyes of the public, he awarded them severe punishments for small crimes. After finishing his duties when he returned to his bedroom, he wept bitterly for the death of his beloved son.

Tags indo pak notes Thread Tools. And if people did not obey his orders and ignored laws, he took stern action against them because his main concern was to maintain peace and order for the welfare of people. He adopted a slow but steady policy to undermine their political status and reduced the military power of these nobles. He saved the country from the invasions of the Mongols. Every spy had direct access to the Kingsihp though none met him in the court.


Balban brought about the destruction of the forty who have grasped the power of the state from the weak hands of the successors of Iltutmish. Haibat Khan, the Governor of Avadh, assassinated a man under the influence of liquor.

Balban’s Theory of Kingship

He declared this to make the nobles believe that he got kihgship crown or the Kingship not through their mercy but by the mercy of God. The sultans of Delhi did not have any strong and effective concept of kingship to rule over the masses.

Cambridge University Press, He made a surprise expedition over the rebel while he was taking rest along with his soldiers. Balban did not agree to meet a rich merchant of Delhi who was prepared to hand over all of his property in return of an interview with the Sultan.

SC directs interior ministry to declare Pak-Turk education foundation a terror outfit.

He brought about peace and order. They were required to report the news of day-to-day events to their master.

He considered himself the representative of God on the earth to look after the welfare of the people—people created by God. The stern, harsh and violent policy adopted by Balban to suppress the internal revolts and meeting with the challenges posed by foreign invaders of Mongols is known as the policy of blood and iron.


The prestige of the stage had sunk low. balbban

Balban’s Theory Of Kingship – CSS Forums

As he assumed the throne, most of these nobles had either ttheory or been deprived of their power and the rest were killed. Balban accordingly adopted this policy. He never laughed and gave smile. He always implemented rules which were in favour of common people in one way or the other.

But to cement his right to the throne, he had to establish himself as worthy. Balban had been a member of this gang and knew their ambitions, resources and cunningness. The masses were not loyal to their sultans and did not respect their status and intrigued against them. Except nobles, he ordered remain standing in the court. As a result, people became afraid of the punishments that he applied against the enemies of the state. Balban never expressed unusual joy or sorrow in public.

Balban was convinced that the glory of Kingship was possible only by following the Persian traditions and he very carefully followed these traditions in his personal and public life.

He assigned junior officers to high ranks so that they could be loyal to him.

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