This standard is issued under the fixed designation E ; the number .. 3 The designations in parentheses following the terms indicate the ASTM standards. Standard Terminology for Nondestructive Examinations. Status: Withdrawn · Replaced by: ASTM E Buy this standard. Price: SEK. PDF. Add to cart. ASTM Ea Standard Terminology for Nondestructive – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free.

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NOTE 11—The numerical value for any permeability is meaningless unless the corresponding B or H excitation level is speci? See also standardization, instrument. Various types of ionization gauges are distinguished in accordance with the method of producing the ionization. Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters. There are, however, appropriate exceptions when the term test and its derivatives may be used to describe the application of a nondestructive test, such as measurements which produce a numeric asttm for example, when using the leak testing method to perform a leak test on a component, or an ultrasonic measurement of velocity.

Also known as the Fresnel zone.

It is, therefore, not proper to translate a numerical setting on one instrument to that of another type. Measured in the SI system by lux.

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. The value is expressed in line pairs per millimetre. SE probe—see dual search unit twin probe. The velocity of the wave is dependent on the mode of propagation and the product of the material thickness and the examination frequency. These changes from uniformity affect the electrical characteristic of the tube but may not be detrimental to the end use of the product.


Also known as a penetrameter disparaged. Various types are distinguished by the method of separating the ions. AE signal generator—a device which can repeatedly induce a speci?

NOTE asgm any ferromagnetic material, permeability is a function of the degree of magnetization. It is determined by the characteristics of the search unit, the ultrasonic test instrumentation, and the test object. Also called clean-up time. Kaiser effect—the absence of detectable acoustic emission at a? If it has been interpreted as relevant, the necessary subsequent evaluation will result in the decision to accept or reject the material. In discussing the action of a vapor jet, the term forepressure may be used to designate the total pressure of the gas aetm which the jet impinges.

In an X-ray tube, the anode carries the target.

ASTM E – 18a Standard Terminology for Nondestructive Examinations

NC—effective thermal neutron content or neutron radiographic contrast. NOTE 4—Use of the term burst emission is recommended only for describing the qualitative appearance of emission signals.

The mass spectrometer may be used as a vacuum gauge that relates an output which is proportioned to the partial pressure of a speci? Channels may be processed independently or in predetermined groups having similar sensitivity and frequency characteristics. The volume and temperature of the system are held constant during the rate of rise measurement. It can be considered the top surface distance of a complete vee path of sound in the test material.

Originally approved in Schlieren system—an optical system used for visual display of an ultrasonic beam passing through a transparent medium.


Standard Terminology for Nondestructive Examinations

The AU method combines aspects of acoustic emission AE signal analysis with ultrasonic materials characterization techniques. This is also called pulse repetition rate.

Several approaches to source location are used, including zone location, computed location, and continuous location. The MRTD is the minimum temperature difference between a standard periodic test pattern 7: Sometimes called the back pressure, backing pressure, outlet pressure, exhaust pressure, or discharge pressure.

NOTE 30—The irradiance varies inversely with the square of the distance; a unique property of zstm sources. The light and dark interference lines in the recording medium diffract laser light to produce the reconstruction. The Bayard-Alpert ionization gauge employs a tube with an electrode structure designed to minimize X-ray-induced electron emission from the ion collector.

Axtm effect—the presence of detectable acoustic emission at a? This quantity may be different from the permeability of the particular metal being tested in that it takes into account such things as the geometry of the part, the relative position adtm the encircling coil, and characteristics of the magnetic?

NOTE 12—The magnetic constant gm is a scalar quantity differing in value and uniquely determined by each electromagnetic system of units. Ions of different mass to charge ratios traverse their paths in different times. In this case, any object information contained in the reference beam is cancelled in the object beam by the interference between the object beam and the reference beam.

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