Background Malamud was the son of Russian immigrants who had a small business in NYC Went to college, became a teacher—taught at night and wrote. “Armistice”. By. Bernard Malamud. p. Background. Malamud was the son of Russian immigrants who had a small business in NYC; Went to college. As evident in the story “Armistice,” by Bernard Malamud, this can form very strong and different opinions from both conflicting sides (Morris, and Gus). Morris.

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The night was cool. The boy disliked the meat man and always tried to avoid him.

Morris arjistice off the radio. Suddenly Gus was there. Lastly, the Armistice is symbolic of both conflicts. It represents the unachievable peace that cannot occur with this kind of power and difference of opinion standing in the way.

It was Sunday at suppertime. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

Morris turned out the lights, removed his shirt and shoes in the dark, and sat smoking in the large bedroom that had once belonged to him and his wife. An age-old weariness filled him.

Armistice: Nazi Germany and Gus Essay Example for Free

Each afternoon, with his basket of liverwursts and bolognas on his arm, Gus strode into the store and swung the basket onto the table in the kitchen. The armistice was signed. He felt bernatd Gus was wishing harm upon Leonard. You don’t deserve to live in America!


To use this website, you must agree bernars our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Although neither of the two never actually experiences these incidences, it still heavily influences them both.

The Complete Stories

He often experienced the same fear since the Nazis had come to power. When things were going especially well for the Germans, Gus dropped his attitude of pretense and said openly, “You better get used to it, Morris. He’s a skinny malmud. Morris, drained of his energy, prayed that the ordeal would soon be over.

The Germans took Paris and pushed on toward the west and south. Nazi Germany and Gus. He knew that today he would have difficulty controlling himself if Gus made some of his remarks. Then the Reynaud cabinet fell. At three o’clock, when Morris was slicing small potatoes for potato salad, Gus strode into the store and swung his basket onto the table. As it was, he poked fun at the grocer for wanting the French to win.

What great cause has died?

Armistice: Nazi Germany and Gus Essay

Click to learn more https: And yet, if a bomb had fallen on the block it would have. He threw the basket into his truck, got in, and drove off. The conflict between the two men Gus and Morris was never solved, only put on hold, just like the problem in the war. Day after day, as the battle progressed, Morris sat on the edge of the cot in the kitchen listening to the additions to his sorrow, nodding his head the way the Jews do in mourning, then rousing himself to hope for the miracle that would save the French as it had saved the Jews in the wilderness.


Leonard came down for his coffee and roll. Leonard came into the store and heard the loud voices. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. He was nauseated by Gus’s laughter, which he called a cackle, and he would not allow his father to do business with Gus in the kitchen when he was having his milk and crackers after school.

Although over the years we have grown more intelligent, etc. As he rode amid the cars on the avenue, he thought of the boy crying and his father holding him. By the light of the street lamp which shone through the window, the boy could see his father in the chair.

His mind went back to the days when he was a boy studying Jewish history. When the war bernwrd, Morris placed his hope for the salvation of the Jews in bsrnard trust of the French army.

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