Escala APGAR-familiar en adolescentes de Lima. Received: Approved : Scale of family functioning, developed by Smilkstein (). Various efforts. Smilkstein G. The family APGAR: a proposal for a family function test and its use Funcionalidade familiar de idosos com alterações cognitivas: a percepção do. Palavras-Chave: ansiedade e depressão de Zung; APGAR familiar; baremas; . Family Apgar: it is an instrument designed by Gabriel Smilkstein, neurologist.

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Are the anxiety, de smilksteein, and family functionality scores similar between sex groups? This latter result is important because in the past it was generally believed that family issues occur in smilmstein to family dysfunction, while our results indicate that improving family function might not help solving family issues.

This was received in Excel files without personal data, with the exemption of student codes to facilitate the crossing between data matrices supplied by different units of the university.

Apgar familiar de smilkstein pdf files

It is worth mentioning that The scale consists of 20 Likert type reagents ranging from never 1 to always 4where items 2, 5, 6, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18 and 20 are written in inverse sense. The results are presented below See Table 6. Revista de la Facultad de Medicina However, to implement such interventions, it is suggested a simultaneous use of instruments that gather all dimensions to evaluate family functionality.

Thus, family physicians should avoid blindly attempting to change family dynamics.

Furthermore, all signed the Statement of Informed Consent. Furthermore, there were few specialists available to us who were familiar with general medicine and family approaches and who were native English speakers. The famjliar equation was as follows: Smilkstrin Zung Depression Scale: In addition, all authors of this study were both researchers and practicing physicians, which made it difficult to complete the manuscript.

I am satisfied, because I can appeal to my family for heal when something is bothering or worrying me. The items with an area significantly greater than 0,5 were considered appropriate. May 29, ; Revised: The scale results are based on the sum of the score of each question multiplied by a coefficient appropriate for the content.

At first, the level of reliability and validity of the instruments used as part of the diagnostic process of the new students was verified. The cutting point of the value of Cronbach’s alpha in compressed items was 0. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: No significant differences were observed between students’ age groups.


This practice should be considered favorable, as it allowed to visualize the psychometric performance of the instrument in different circumstances found in other studies 710 The ones responsible to collect the data were previously trained to apply the research instruments. In Brazil, it has been used in clinical practice in public health service, specially in Family Health Strategy programs, once it is mentioned as a facilitating instrument of observation and analysis of family units, the main focus of intervention of this model of Basic Health Care.

It must be noted that our study remains ed despite the time taken to publish it. Psichosomatics12 6 The Zung Depression Scale has been used for a large number of studies in Colombian population.

Analysis of psychometric properties of family APGAR with elderly in northeast Brazil

In regards to the component members of their family, DBU’s main objective is to foster self-care and a timely prevention and intervention culture, in the presence of factors that may lead to academic failure.

Adaptation, which involves the offered family resources when assistance is necessary; Partnership, regarding the reciprocity in family communications and problem solving; Growth, related to the availability of the family to the changes of roles and emotional development; Affection, which includes intimacy and emotional interactions in family context; and Resolve, associated to the decision, determination or resoluteness in a certain family unit 67.

Qualidade de vida e fatores associados em idosos dependentes em uma cidade do interior do Nordeste. De la Ossa, S. To understand the functionality of families with elders is an essential component to a successful planning of health interventions, specially in Primary Care, reinforcing the relevance of the usage of the Family APGAR instrument in gerontology care as tool to facilitate healthcare procedures 25 Furthermore, it is seen that during the use of Family APGAR by Brazilian researchers, by journals in general, were aimed to classify family functionality 45 Patients completed the questionnaire while waiting at the billing department after their medical examinations.

The scores needed to analyze the correlation using Pearson’s r coefficient between the instrument created and Family APGAR were acquired from the calculation of the average of the scores found.


Family, Family research, Family members. This measurement seeks to identify risk factors that can condition the student to failure and to provide early attention, in order to increase the permanence of these students in the university and to mitigate desertion problems. Based on the interpretation of the factorial matrix, it was considered as factorial loads below 0. Therefore, we wanted to identify the particularly effective questions for analyzing family dysfunction, thereby enabling the Family APGAR to be used in daily clinical practice more conveniently.

Finally, higher anxiety and depression were found in the women’s group compared to the men’s, and a similar level of family dysfunction in both groups. Again, the application of the statistical technique is appropriate because of the sample size which ensures that the statistic test Snedecor’s F follows an as ymptotically normal distribution Mayorga Alvarez, The psychometric instruments used to determine levels of anxiety and depression were designed by Zung.

Further analysis of the factorial structure can clarify how the instrument in fact, evaluates the family functionality construct. Recuperado el 15 de 05 dede http: Once psychometric validity was verified, results were used to establish a comparison with clinical diagnoses obtained from general and specialized psychiatric consultation carried out by DBU.

The scale was validated with a Mexican sample of pec lie aged between 14 and 60 years. The factorial analysis demonstrated a single factorization nature of the instrument used in the research. We found that the Family APGAR, especially the Resolve item, has the potential to become a tool for measuring family function, at least in terms of family issues. The domains “adaptation”, “growth”, “affection” and “resolve” were not identified as factors in the matrix of correlations of exploratory factorial analysis, thus leading to believe that during the use of Family APGAR, specifically among elder respondents of Brazilian Northeast region, other elements of evaluation of the family functionality construct besides “partnership” were not properly contemplated by the mentioned instrument.

The results demonstrated a Cronbach’s alpha value of 0.

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