Mandela: The Authorised Biography is a study of Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa, by the late journalist Anthony Sampson. Sampson’s book. Widely considered to be the most important biography of Nelson Mandela, Antony Sampson’s remarkable book has been updated with an afterword by. Perhaps no living historical figure, with the possible exception of Pope John Paul II, enjoys the worldwide honor and affection accorded Nelson Mandela. All the.

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Reading about the lives of great and famous allows me – Just pages in, but the content is informative, the writing flows well and what a great and complicated and conflicted and amazing human being this guy is.

Mandela was in an amazing, contemporary, power struggle in the building of South Africa’s democracy. Yet the information becomes tedious. He was a two-time POW survivor in the Vietnam war and he said it was important to believe that the ending will be beneficial to you but to never forget the grim reality of the situation.

I enjoyed this book so much more than “Conversations with Myself”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Next on my list is his autobiography; so, until then I think the “Long Walk to Freedom” will surely have to be on my list thf soon! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. January 17, just passed the halfway mark, making progress.

I’m up towhen they have been imprisoned for twelve authorizeed or more, with no help from the west. In prison, he gained the respect and trust of fellow prisoners as well as guards and wardens.

Mandela: The Authorised Biography – Anthony Sampson – Google Books

His use of dialog and reconciliation is stunning. Mandela had himself made these criticisms in Long Walk to Freedombut Sampson also broached new topics. While asserting that Mandela is hardly perfect, as his official His life moves from the poor tribal villages of South Africa, to the bustling city streets, to Robben Island, the prison where he spent two decades locked up by the Afrikaner government, and finally to the stately manors of the government he led. Rarely do revered leaders not fall from their pedestal after leaving the office from which they could control their image.


This brick of a biography provides a very comprehensive account of the political career of Nelson Mandela, his involvement in the ANC, and the anti-apartheid movement. Were they communists, as many more conservative critics of the ANC and Mandela had charged? Insight provided why Mandela escapes the fate of much of his kin, is discussed, but remains shallow and leaves me wanting. Views Read Edit View history.

Mandela’s ability to negotiate with the apartheid government, not for himself but for his country, his unswerving goal of freeing all minorities, putting them on equal footing with whites, and his ability to work with all tribes, seeing them all as African, is incredible. Part two’s opening chapter ‘Master of my Fate’ lists the undeniable benefits: It covers much time and much detail and in the end boils it all down to the infallible man, Madiba, who saved South Africa without a civil war.

For Winnie, what I found interesting was Mandela’s intense loyalty when she was both disloyal sexually with him and also got involved in murders and Fascinating book. Resistance by peaceful means can change the world. Just started this biography of one of the 3 most charismatic and important leaders of the last 60 years, the others being Gorbachev and Khomeini.

Mandela: The Authorised Biography

Certainly 30 years in prison is no cakewalk, but to me it sounded as if his election was only the beginning of his most difficult time in life. After reading page after page of Mandela the child, and then Mandela the student, complete with every last tribal aquaintence, you’re ready to immerse yourself in Mandela the politician.

The result is an authoritative biography of one of the greatest men of the 20th century. The book was one of the first to examine such issues as Winnie Mandela ‘s crimes, and State President Frederik Willem de Klerk ‘s suspected attempts to use the security forces to derail peace talks. This is a great read, though long, which doesn’t get dry or lag, but moves right along. Anthony Sampson documents Mandela’s life in startling detail, which in some cases is the problem.


One of the situations he handled really well was inwhen Chris Hani, the General Secretary of the Communist Party and former commander of MK, who was see as the second most popular black leader, was shot dead in Boksburg, near Johannesburg.

Mandela Death of Apartheid Mandela Mandela: This story has an epic sense of biogrqphy Hero’s Life while capturing what makes him so human. For Winnie, what I found interesting was Mandela’s intense loyalty when she was both disloyal sexually with him and also got involved in murders and killing with her band of thugs known as the Football Club.

Sampson, who spent decades in South Africa as a journalist first met Nelson Mandela in and was given unprecedented access to Mandela’s papers and accounts of his time in jail in what is billed as an ‘authorized biography.

Mandela: The Authorised Biography – Wikipedia

The main charges against the ANC was that it was communist and promoted violence. After his release, the book describes his small fall from mythical to human. It’s a complex issue, involving many diverse social and political groups and I’m sure it will take me many more years of reading to attain that ‘slight hint of knowledge’.

Just pages in, but the content is informative, the writing flows well and what a great and complicated and conflicted and amazing human being this guy is.

I believe this is the definitive biography of Nelson Mandela.

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