dbx is a tool for source-level debugging and execution of programs. It allows you to determine the exact statement that caused a core dump, or to monitor the. A Short User Manual for dbx. “dbx” is the name of the debugger that is available for use on many Unix systems. This document is intended to list the most. There is a fancier X-windows interface for AIX, invoked with the command xde, The dbx debugger is able to track the execution of your program line-by-line in the first at the file containing the main program and is waiting for instructions.

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Stops running the application program. Use the stripped copy of the object file while running and an unstripped copy while debugging.

Analyzing core Dumps with the dbx Command in AIX

Otherwise, the debug program is entered and the reason for termination is reported. That is, the dbx manal stops running the debug program when the breakpoint is about to be executed for the specified Limit after the limitbp subcommand is already run.

Also, see Displaying the current file in General Programming Concepts: Specifies the source line where the expression being traced is found. Run a program in a controlled environment.

Interprets addresses in hexadecimal. The current function is used for resolving names.

Specify the number of lines to be executed with the Number parameter. Item Description if Condition Specifies the condition, such as true.


The malloc subcommand with address displays the nodes details of the address, the address need not be a starting address of an allocated or free node. To stop the program when thread 2 is running and the contents of the 4-byte memory region starting at address 0xe8 change, enter:. The SourceLine parameter can be specified in two formats:. See the tnexti subcommand. Variables, registers, and memory held in the core image might be examined until execution of ObjectFile begins.

The dbx debugger

Prints an 8-byte unsigned decimal number. Indicates the address of the attributes object. Qix a thread up to the next machine instruction. Provide a controlled environment for running a program. The second form of the thread subcommand is used to select the current thread. Specify portions of an array by separating the lower and upper bounds with.

dbx Command

The second argument can be used to indicate all pthreads, or a specific one. Also, since the existence of an active software watchpoint created by some invocations of the stop and trace subcommands negate the majual gains of hardware watchpoints, these types of events also act as conflicts which must be deleted before creating a hardware watchpoint.

The program stops when the contents of the region change.

List instructions from the program map subcommand for dbx: Displays information about all or selected mutexes. The information for each rwlock is as follows:. The kthread subcommand displays information about kernel threads. See the cont subcommand, the goto subcommand, tnext subcommand, the set subcommand, and the tstepi subcommand. Prints a long word in octal.


Tutorial on dbx (AIX system, like cernsp)

Begins execution of an application with the previous arguments. See Displaying and Modifying Variables. If no value is mabual for the Expression parameter, the dbx program uses the default disassembly mode. Deletes dbx subcommands associated with the specified event number.

Indicates the lock state of the mutex: If the set -o emacs or set edit emacs command is given, you are placed in the input mode of the emacs line editor. The register alx might be set to the 0xdeadbeef hexadecimal value. The specified thread is stopped when any of the following occurs: Removes all breakpoints at an address. If the file exists in the directory and is readable, this file is used.

Files Item Description a. Lists dbx subcommands related to xix execution.

Item Description at SourceLine Specifies the line number. If the Number parameter is not specified, tstepi runs once only. See the list subcommand, the vi or vedit command.

The File parameter must specify a path to aixx plug-in. Specifies the procedure to find the procedure or variable being traced. The thread specified must exist at the time as the creation of the event. Other optional arguments include start and end indices. The dbx program can display a wide range of expressions. Sets a hardware watchpoint stop.

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