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AGMA B89 (Revision of AGMA ). April AMERICAN GEAR MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION ~~. Geometry Factors for Determining the Pitting. AGMA B89 (R) Information Sheet – Geometry Factors for Determining the Pitting Resistance and Bending Strength of Spur, Helical and Herringbone. diseño de engranajes (AGMA) Este diseño se realizo mediante la norma AGMA la actual normativa de diseño de engranajes.

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However, information is also contained for agma b89 geometry factors for other conditions and applications. However, information is also contained for determining geometry factors for other conditions and applications. Cohen Engranes y Maquinaria J. After agm the check box to the right of the value of number of teeth that the measurement applies to [ Decide whether you wish to design straight or helical toothing.

The effect of this undercut is to agma b89 the highest point of single tooth contact, negating the assumption of this calculation method. A mathematical procedure is described to determine the Geometry Factor, I, for internal and external agma b89 sets of spur, conventional helical and low axial contact ratio, LACR, helical designs. Additional information on high transverse contact ratio gears is provided in Appendix F.


Because an analytical method for calculating the Bending Strength Geometry Factor, J, is now available, the layout procedure for establishing J has been eliminated from this document. Determining Addendum Modification Coefficients 6.


To furnish a starting point when the cutter design data is not available, approximate 980-b89 geometry values are provided. It is hoped that sufficient geometry factor data is included to be of help to the majority of gear designers.

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Item Detail – AGMA B89 (reaffirmed March )

The dimensions used are those of the spur gear equivalent to the actual cutter, in the transverse plane. It is based on the work of Wellauer and Seireg [7]. The addendum modification coefficients, xl and x2, can be established from Eq 6.

These values are then used in conjunction with the rating procedures described in AGMA B88, Fundamental 908-89 Factors and Calculation Methods for Involute Spur and Helical Gear Teeth, for evaluating various spur and helical gear designs produced using a generating process. Operating Pitch Diameter of Pinion, d.

This has a m inor effect on the accuracy of the J factor. I is as follows: Approximate m inimum cutter geometry – dimensionless 18 Number of teeth Std.

Pyeatt Amarillo Gear T. In rating standard For normal helical gears and spur gears, this factor is 1. The symbols used in the pitting resistance and bending strength formulas are shown in Table 2-l.

The following paragraphs and equations use dimensionless numbers to describe the gear geometry. This Appendix provides default shaper cutter data for use in calculating the bending strength geometry factor, J, aggma the original cutter data at the time of gear manufacture is unavailable. Smith Invincible Gear M. Bibliography 1 2 3 Lewis, W.



Connor Cummins Engine J. Values in excess of those shown in Table require the use of tip loading. The resulting values of H, L and M may be rounded to two decimal places.

An analytical method for determining the Bending Strength Geometry Factor, J, for internal gears is beyond the scope of this Standard. It includes the rack shift for addendum modification plus the rack shift for thinning the gear teeth to obtain backlash: This Appendix provides an Purpose.

Sewall Sewall Gear L. The variables to be adjusted are C,F, R. The resulting conx servative value should be used unless otherwise justified. Because an analytical method for xgma the Bending Strength Geometry Factor, Jis now available, Discounted member price: The procedure is valid for generated root fillets, which are produced by both rack and pinion type tools.

High transverse contact ratio gears. AGMA 66 When the orginal derivations were made, calculations were done using tooth layouts and not computer calculations.

The formula is derived from a simplified cantilever beam theory for stress. Hagan Nuttall Gear N. This simplification results in the same numerical value of I.

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