Start studying Die Adjektivendungen: Tabelle 2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Grammatikbuch. Inhalt (lang) · Inhalt (kurz) · Index · Glossar · Listen · Tabellen · E- Book · Anhang. Grammatikübungen. Übersicht · Übungsbuch · E-Book. STRUKTUREN Adjektivendungen nach ein-Wörtern Unter einem ein-Wort Sehen Sie sich in der Tabelle unten die Adjektivendungen nach einWörtern an und.

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Possessive und Konjunktionen dazu auch: In German grammar the case is indicated by the definite article. Konjunktiv der Vergangenheit 1 dazu auch: Adjektivendungen 3 dazu auch: Diagnostic Exercises check if you’ve mastered this topic! Sie isst frisch es Brot. However, please do drop me a line if you plan on using them for anything other than classroom or instructional use.

Review of Nominative, Accusative and Dative Cases. There is a determiner present here: Moreover the relationships between the interrogative pronouns, the declension of the article and adjective and the personal pronoun are developed.

When you UNDERSTAND how German adjective endings work, you only need to learn ONE TABLE!

German adjective endings with the definite article der, die, das …. In principle you now really only have to learn one table, and this is for the cases where the case-ending precedes the adjective.


There are 15 items, so keep clicking on “weiter” when you finish a page. In addition, abstractions such as “the good” or “the new” can be formed from adjectives. Adjektivendungen 1 dazu auch: Konjunktionen und Als-Wenn-Wann-Ob dazu auch: Relativpronomen 1 dazu auch: Wo- und Da-Komposita dazu auch: Passiv mit Modalverben dazu auch: Der Genitiv dazu auch: Thinking about whether the adjective precedes the noun will also help you avoid the temptation to give adjective endings to adverbssuch as ” schnell ” in the sentence “Der Hund rennt schnell.

There are a few special cases: Anna Stefanou from Neustadt, Germany, developed an excellent overview and allowed me to present it to you on my website. Student of the 7th grade, German school Tenerife. Objektiver und subjektiver Gebrauch von Modalverben dazu auch: Verben mit Wechsel des Stammvokals dazu auch: Teacher of German as a foreign language.

Was darf Calvin machen? Strong Endings No “Determiner” Present. Adjectives following the verbs seinwerden and bleiben are called predicate adjectivesas opposed to attributive adjectiveswhich precede the noun they describe and take adjective endings. Wiederholung zum ersten Tag des zweiten Semesters dazu auch: Partizipien als Adjektive dazu auch: Explaining the Perfect Tense. Passiv, Indirekte Rede, Umweltprobleme dazu auch: Drill Some purely mechanical practice at filling in adjective endings.

Remember this table permanently, after only one glance! Relativpronomen 2 dazu auch: Komparative und Superlative 1 dazu auch: They’re bound to be gratefully received if you mail them to adjekfivendungen. Separable and Inseparable Prefixes. This exercise, compiled by Dr. Learning German Grammar with Mnemonics – for students and teachers! Reflexivverben 1 dazu auch: When you are finished, click “Submit” if you are satisfied admektivendungen your score.


Als – wenn – wann – ob.


Das Perfekt 2 dazu auch: Verben, Gern, Negation, Wortstellung. Das Perfekt und Konjunktionen dazu auch: Feel free to use these as handouts or links for your own teaching, or for your own reference — there’s no need to give me credit. Try to remember the ones you like, and to use them in class, on your written work, and when you’re talking to yourself: They can also be used by the adjectives. Das Perfekt 1 dazu auch: Determiners Determine whether or not the adjectives in these statements about determined people are preceded by determiners.

Adjektivendungen 4 dazu auch: When you’ve found the correct answer, check the feedback box for an explanation of the meaning of the expression.

But who can memorize this? This questions brings us to the second principle, which helps us with the learning of German adjective endings:

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