Fall Meet., San Antonio, Tex., Oct 8– Google Scholar. Williams, et al., Williams, B.B., Gidley, J.L. and Schechter, R.S., Acidizing Fundamentals. Matrix acidizing refers to one of two stimulation processes in which acid is injected into the well penetrating the rock pores at pressures below. Stimulation by acidizing is an old production enhancement technique dating as far . B.B. Williams, J.L. Gidley, and R.S. Schecter, “Acidizing Fundamentals”.

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Carbonate matrix acid stimulation is also useful to treat carbonate cemented sandstones and formation damage from acid soluble species such as calcium carbonate CaCO 3 or sulfide scales, lost circulation materials, etc.

Home This editionEnglish, Book, Illustrated edition: More recently, Nitters et al. Did you find what you were looking for? Effective acidizing is guided by practical limits in volumes and types of acid and procedures so as to achieve an optimum removal of fundamebtals formation damage around the wellbore. Contact Us Subscribe to newsletter How to contribute?

Acid stimulation

By posting, you agree to be identified by your IP address. Acidizing is used to either stimulate a well acidiziing improve flow or to remove damage. There are several other ways that acidizing, both for sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, can lead to formation damage if not carried out correctly. Schecter, “Acidizing Fundamentals”, Monograph Series, vol. Matrix acidizing is used primarily for damage removal, while fracture acidizing is used to enlarge the effective wellbore by creating an acid-etched fracture deep into the wellbore for relatively low-permeability formations to improve well productivity several-fold.

Fracture acid stimulation is usually carried out on carbonate reservoirs, which have lower permeability than sandstone reservoirs. Matrix acid stimulation is pumped into the formation at or below the fracturing pressure. This single location in South Australia: Gidley [4] presented the results of an extensive statistical review of one company’s acidizing tundamentals in sandstone reservoirs in the U.


Mange other additives can also be used, such as clay stabilizer, fines fixing axidizing, antisludging agent, demulsifier, scale inhibitorH2S scavengerdrag reducer, foaming agent, etc. Permeability improvement in gas wells is typically better than oil wells. Jennings, “A contemporary approach to matrix acidizing” SPE Radial penetration is so limited in low-permeability carbonate that it is a better candidate for fracture acidizing. CaF 2 and AlF 3 can also precipitate in the spent acid.

Sandstone reservoir is mainly composed of quartz and aluminosilicates such as feldspars. During matrix acidizing the acids dissolve the sediments and mud solids within the pores that are inhibiting the permeability of the rock.

The effect of damage on well productivity and flow is illustrated in Figs.

Matrix acidizing

These 3 locations in All: Fracture acidizing is to pump the acid treatment above the fracturing pressure of the reservoir rock, which create long, open channels from the wellbore penetrating deep into the formation.

A matrix treatment restores permeability by removing damage around the wellbore, thus improving productivity in both sandstone and carbonate wells. Although highly corrosive, HF is classified as a weak acid due to its low ionization in water and it is very toxic. Basically, there are two types of acid treatments that are related to injection rates and pressures.

These online bookshops told us they have this item: In radial flow, wormholes form a dendritic pattern, like the roots of a tree. May not be open to the public ; BROC The diverter is usually applied in a preflush to temporarily plug the zones of highest permeability zones, allowing the main flush to react with other less permeable or more damaged zones. The permeability increase is much larger in carbonate than in sandstone. When there is no damage present, improper or poorly executed acid treatments can reduce the natural formation permeability and reduce well productivity, as in new wells with low reservoir permeability.

Physical Description[6] p.

Help to improve this caidizing What’s this? Later injected fracturing fluid tend to leak off into the wormholes rather than lengthening the desired fracture. On back production, the diverter is removed from the formation.


Author Williams, Bert B. Treating an undamaged sandstone well with matrix acids does not usually lead stimulation unless the reservoir is naturally fractured.

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Injection rates resulting in pressures below fracture pressure are termed “matrix acidizing,” while those above fracture pressure are termed ” fracture acidizing.

Stimulation by acidizing is an old production enhancement technique dating as far back as the nineteenth century [ 2 ] when Herman Frasch of Standard Oil patented funndamentals use of hydrochloric acid HCl to stimulate carbonate formations. These are two distinct and different purposes, the field applications and fujdamentals of which are often merged or confused.

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fundamentqls Lower concentrations can be used as pickling acids to clean up the well in a preflush to remove scale and rust or an afterflush. Lists What are lists? In addition, the acid stimulation fluid follows the paths of least resistance and create typically long-branched passageways leading away from the fracture interface, which are called “wormholes”.

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Acidizing Fundamentals – Bert B. Williams, John L. Gidley, Robert Samuel Schechter – Google Books

Other areas and formations still suffer from poor acidizing responses, which implies that opportunities for technology development still exist. Login to acidizint to list.

In sandstone matrix acidizing, the primary purpose is to remove acid-soluble damage in fndamentals well and near wellbore area. Wormholes are small, continuous channels formed by acid preferentially enlarging pores in carbonate, usually around 2 to 5 mm in diameter.

Subjects Oil wells — Acidization.

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