Talisa Patra (Abies Webbiana) known as Indian silver fir. Abies Webbiana is the scientific name of the talisa patra. It belongs to Pinaceae family. Pinaceae family . Abies webbiana is a coniferous, tall, evergreen tree, grows up to 60 m, with strong branches, stretched horizontally, with young buds covered with short br. Synonym. A. spectabilis (D. Don) Spach. Pinus webbiana Wall. Family. Pinaceae. Habitat. The Himalayas from Kashmir to Assam at altitudes of 1,–4, m.

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Chatterjee A, Pakrashi SC. The decoctions of the leaves are useful orally in cases of cough, phthisis, asthma, chronic bronchitis and catarrh of the bladder and other pulmonary infections.

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Antitussive activity of Abies webbiana Lindl. Oxford University Press Inc; The biological properties of aziridine containing compounds such as azinomycins, mitomycins, ficellomycin, miraziridine, maduropeptin, and azicemicins are of significant interest.

Swasa chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseskasa coughgulma tumorAgnimandya hypochlorhydria wdbbiana, amadosha amoebiasishikka hiccupchhardi vomitingkrimi helminthiasis and mukharoga mouth disorders. Externally the leaves are used in rheumatic and neuralgic pains. It belongs to plant family Pinaceae. Inhibitory effect of Abies webbiana on tumour cells in mice. The syntheses of N-arylaziridines. Table of Contents 0.


Talispatra (Abies webbiana) Health benefits – bimbima

Aziridine and azirine carboxylic esters. The filtrate was concentrated and was successively extracted with chloroform. The abiees mixture was shaken well, strained with muslin cloth, and filtered with Whatman no. Abiesin, A biflavonoid of Abies webbiana.

abies webbiana leaf

AW-I was preserved for future reference. Please review our privacy policy. For example, it has contraceptive and thermogenic properties and therefore should not be used while trying for pregnancy.

Typical splitting doublets at aromatic region indicated that the aromatic ring may be para-substituted benzene. A Chalcone glycoside from Abies pindrow. The 13 C-NMR spectrum exhibited nine carbon signals. Aziridines as intermediates in diversity-oriented syntheses of abiew. Anupama April 1, August 12, Learn how your comment data is processed.

The aziridine functionality is weebbiana present in a small number of naturally occurring molecules mainly from microbial and marine sources. Abies webbiana is a tall, evergreen fir tree with thick, spreading, horizontal branches.

It is a coniferous tree found in Himalayas at high altitude of feet. Previous workers reported that the crude extracts of A. The present paper therefore attempts to report the isolation and molecular characterization of a new alkaloid present in the leaf of A. The residue was subjected to silica gel column chromatography, weebbiana with a mobile phase of ethyl acetate: All the chloroform layers were pooled together.


webbians Mishri consist of big white, sweet lumps of crystals. A singlet of four protons at 1. Nil, Conflict of Interest: Mandukaparni Benefits, Uses and Side effects. The aziridine alkaloid isolated in the present study may serve as an important source of drug prototypes and leads for drug discovery in due course.

Otherwise, there would be every chance of degradation sebbiana the compound by heat if it was tried to be isolated by application of heat like in continuous hot percolation by Soxhlet wbebiana.

Red wine color of the acidic extract changed to deep blackish red on becoming alkaline. Indian J Exp Biol. The antibiotic and antimicrobial properties of several of aziridine-containing compounds are well known. The voucher specimen No. Talispatra is a coniferous medicinal tree found in Himalaya. UV spectrum was obtained with a Shimadzu UV spectrophotometer. It can be grown in shade or sun.

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