Three-wire. Serial. EEPROM. 1K ( x 8 or 64 x 16). AT93C Note: Not recommended for new design; please refer to. AT93C46D datasheet. Marking. 93C46WP. Bulk ID. X0X00XXX 93C46WP. PYWWK. 93C46WP. PYWWQ . Datasheet – production data. Features. • Industry. 93C46WP – 3-Wire Serial EEPROM, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet.

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Remove the two 2 mm x 12 mm self-threading screws and use a center drill to defeat the security rivet. Lutron Caseta Wireless offers a complete line of in-wall switches and dimmers as well as plug-in accessories that satasheet the Apple Homekit, Amazon’s Alexa, the Nest thermostat, and Serena remote controlled shades.

It should be possible to link a single transmitter to open your garage door, turn on the garage lights, turn on the exterior lights, and open the blinds throughout your house when you arrive home, all from the comfort of your car.

Upon removing the bottom plastic case, we are presented with the bottom of the circuit board. In the upper right corner, you’ll see where I damaged the circuit board upon removal.

Teardown Tuesday: Lutron Caseta Wireless Home Automation Remote

If you wish to remove the plastic circuit board holder, do so with flush-cutters after you remove the circuit board. Underneath the switchplate cover are two x” flush head bolts. This capable device could handle many communication and computation tasks. TP Link Powerline Adapter With powerline adapters becoming more popular, it’s about time one of darasheet was taken apart!


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93C46WP Datasheet, PDF – Datasheet Search Engine

In this teardown, we will look inside a TP link I recommend desoldering that component from the circuit board to avoid damage. This tiny transmitter has impressive range and power output of 10 dBm. The Lutron SmartBridge allows users to control devices remotely with their smartphone or the included remote. Home News Teardown Tuesday: After removing the bolts, use a small flat-head screwdriver to gently pry the plastic pushbutton housing away from the metal backing plate.

Slice dztasheet the stickers on either side of the housing at the mating of the top and bottom pieces.

A great deal of good datashwet went into making the Lutron Wireless products, and even more went into the Lutron Smart Bridge to make it compatible with various competing standards. HB Doppler Radar Module.

Stock/Availability for: 93C46W7

The heart of the remote is a Silicon Labs RF transmitter. The microcontrollers work together to bridge different wired and wireless technologies to allow the Lutron devices to work seamlessly with controls from Apple, Amazon, and others. The Pico remote can control one or many wall switches at a time.

The metal plate can be set aside to reveal the contents of the switch housing. The Lutron Smart Bridge Home Kit Home automation is the dream of many electrical engineers and hobbyists, with the limiting factor typically being the datashest budget.


It has buttons for on, off, preset, raise and lower to control lights, shades, or some audio systems. The internal transparent plastic circuit board datqsheet is attached to the top white plastic box by four melted datashedt. On the front of the board are various LEDs, transistors, switches, resistors, current-sense resistors, capacitors, a crystal, a loop antenna which is oriented toward the camera and thus difficult to seeand Q1, a TOpackage device labeled ” NXP PJA D6 ” that might be a high-power transistor.

93c46wp datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

October 25, by Mark Hughes Lutron Caseta Wireless offers a complete line of in-wall switches and dimmers as well as plug-in accessories that compliment the Apple Homekit, Amazon’s Alexa, the Nest thermostat, and Serena remote controlled shades. While most home automation devices allow control of lights and outlets, the Lutron also allows remote control of blinds and shades. However, you should stay away from creating high-voltage appliances and focus on the low-voltage side of things—e.

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