Tube or Röhre ID, Triode, vacuum, Nuvistor and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Find great deals for NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The nuvistor is a type of vacuum tube announced by RCA in Most nuvistors are basically – First one released, medium mu triode; – Sharp cutoff tetrode; – triode for low plate voltages; – triode, with plate cap & grid.

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Stable operation is possible with Nuvistors over wide temperature ranges [degrees] C to [degrees] C. Published in Wireless World February-May RCA engineers scrapped old ideas – took a fresh look at tube design. These ‘short’ pins support the internal structure, along with the ‘long’ ones.

In nuvistog RCA advert the company claimed:. The ‘Nuvistor’ name was intended to evoke similarities to the words ‘new’ and ‘transistor’, presumably to help overcome bias against the use of ‘old fashioned’ valve technology.

Nuvistors were also found in some high quality broadcast radios. This adaptor plugged into the Octal socket on the tester.

Nuvistor Valves

From the date of this advert, I’d say the picture is an artist’s impression of a Mercury one-man mission. The purpose of the pre-amps nuvistot to give an improvement in the noise figure of the telescope of about 3dB.

Valve Testers and Test Equipment So as not to obsolete their equipment the manufacturers of valve testers introduced adaptors nuvistkr new valve types, such as Nuvistors emerged. Could RCA have developed a glass-based miniature valve with most of the attributes needed for use in TV tuners, and avoided the considerable tooling costs of putting the brand new mechanical design of the Nuvistor into production?

Nuvistor Valves by Stef Niewiadomski. Above is a dramatic two-page RCA advert from showing that Nuvistors were being used in the US manned space program, nuviztor here in monitoring the astronaut’s vital signs.

As well as showing the electrical components in the tuner I think this view shows the mechanical complexity of the unit. It is interesting to note that the Collins RA valve-based radio, first used ‘in anger’ during the Korean War, was rushed back into US military service in the first Gulf War because many of the state-of-the-art solid state receivers with their transistor RF front-ends were failing due to the high static charges attributed to the desert heat, low humidity and sand storms!


It’s interesting that the Mullard drawings seem to correspond exactly to the internals of the RCA-manufactured valve. This is a useful resource for viewing many manufacturers’ products: If you search for ‘nuvistor project’ on Google you’ll get lots of hits for audio and radio projects that you might want to build.

Making nuvistors requires special equipment, since there is no intubation to pump gases out of the envelope. Radio Bygones Issue No. By the late s high frequency valve technology was well advanced and had already passed the 1GHz operating frequency point. All the pins have a diameter of 0.

The huvistor power supply generated nvistor.

7586 NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor

I’ve added in some Russian Nuvistors, all with flying leads, but I’m sure there are many more types from this source which are not in the table. One famous audio application of the Nuvistor was in the mids Ampex MR, a costly studio-grade 1-inch 4-track tape recorder whose entire electronics section was based nuvistpr triodes and push-pull pairs of tetrodes. I thought I’d open up a Nuvistor and see how closely the diagrams you can find on the Internet match reality.

Nuvistors have very low nuvixtor electrode capacitances and transit times which means they are usable at VHF and low UHF frequencies, where they considerably out performed the transistors then available. Instead, the entire structure is assembled, inserted into its metal envelope, sealed and processed in a large vacuum chamber with simple robotic devices.

There was cold nuvisyor behind having nuclear-hardened hardware in manned nuvisfor equipment, whether it was Russian or made in the West. Mullard’s diagram of the internal structure of a Nuvistor helps work out which parts of the ‘de-capped’ 6CW4 do what. Nuvistors, being in the tube family, are high-impedance devices — circuit components are generally less expensive.

Unlike in a glass-based valve there is no getter structure, whose function is to eliminate the last traces of any remaining gasses after the valve has been evacuated and sealed. Note how the valves’ part numbers nucistor deeply stamped into the tops of the metal shells – no chance of it rubbing off, which is definitely a problem with glass-enclosed valves!

There’s no escaping the similarity between the word ‘Nuvistor’ and the phrase ‘New Vista’: Potentiometer digital Variable capacitor Varicap. The valve was equivalent to the and the CV This model is still considered to be a classic and is collected by enthusiasts today.


I don’t know whether these valves were mounted onto a PCB, or onto some form of tag-strip construction. Nuvistors were released as triodes and tetrodes I use the plural here, which is just about valid: TV designers in RCA moved their chassis to transistors as quickly as it was technically possible and commercially attractive, to take advantage of even greater miniaturisation, and lower costs and power.

This picture shows very well the coaxial nature of the heater, cathode, grid and anode electrodes. Use in the Audio Studio One famous audio application of the Nuvistor was in the mids Ampex MR, a costly studio-grade 1-inch 4-track tape recorder whose entire nuvistorr section was based on triodes and push-pull pairs of tetrodes.

This could explain why the prototype Clansman radio used Nuvistors, but these were designed out for the production version of the radio. Nuvistor at The National Valve Museum. These are small floating platforms equipped with sensors, both active and passive, often dropped from surveillance aircraft, which float above potential submarine targets for some time, relaying the results from their sensors back to the circling aircraft.

A brief history of the RCA Company. Geloso’s advert indicating the use of Nuvistors in their range of TV sets. Metal Case nuvitsor Twelvar Base A special case design was developed for these new valves, resulting in small size and very good high frequency performance, which are clearly good news for the RF stages of TV sets, but also have other useful attributes for more onerous applications. Geloso, the famous Milan-based amateur radio equipment manufacturer, used the 6CW4 in many of their nkvistor 6m, 2m and 70cm converters and transmitters.

The case itself is often connected to the grid of the valve, making it relatively easy to get a good ground connection in grounded-grid circuits. Although valves continue to be used in specialised applications, e.

In adverts and application data the word ‘Nuvistor’ was printed in a unique font, giving the impression of a Nuvistor logo, and this can be seen in the Geloso advert later on in the article. The Nuvistor Brand The ‘Nuvistor’ name was intended to evoke similarities to the words ‘new’ and ‘transistor’, presumably to help overcome bias against the use of ‘old fashioned’ valve technology.

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