4nec2\exe” folder, in your Word or Wordpad text editor. Other recommended sources for NEC related informations are the Nec-2 and Nec-4 user-manuals and . 4NEC2 is a freeware antenna simulation software program. The program can be used to model an antenna, and then determine through. Antenna Modeling With 4NEC2. Presented to HOTARC. By Craig Weixelbaum. May 22, Basic Modeling Approach using 4Nec2. The goals of this

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In every case apart from the 4nex2 space, it is necessary to take into account the diameter of the wires: If a generator is to be placed in the apex formed by two wires joining with an angle different from degrees, such as in the case of inverted-vee antennas, several techniques can be used manuap. Super-high segment count, built-in detailed Smith Chart, Geometry designer, and ability to view many complex output formats is on the short list. If the model has symmetry, as far as possible the axes of the coordinate system will be used as axes of symmetry.

For example, for my OCF, I scan from 3.

EA4FSI-28T1 – Technical Articles

This displays the antenna and models its output. IX The ability to read.

Saves me wasting time physically testing poor configurations. Using it is like a drug, you can’t quit. By following the instructions and examples provided it took only a few days. The trick is when you start using it, to realize that there are a number of editors. Take into account that it is not allowed to use generators or loads in the ends of wires in open circuit [Ref. I got LB Cebik’s 4neec2 Modeling book and have begun to learn this software in an incredibly exciting voyage thru these dreary winter months!

In the references checked, the following rules related to the height of the horizontal wires have been kanual IF you toggle over to the 2D view, then, rotate through the 2D view, a colored traced on the slice of the 2D view follows the 3D view.


Once the geometry of the antenna is defined, number the wires, identifying also their diameter Dh i and their length Lh i. When first starting, after pressing the calculator button, select the far field option in the box which appears. The Y axis has an azimuth of zero degrees.

EZNEC free- Poster Child of **Crippleware***

In the simulations, the input impedance of the antenna would be erroneous, reaching too high values especially in the reactive part and a too low level current would be generated through the mutual coupling between the part of the generator connected to the antenna and the piece of segment connected to the other pole of the generator, which remains in open circuit. But thanks to this product I now have a very good antenna that took me less time and money than any other antenna project to build, install and tune.

Or balance all of these in weighted format. If this rule is not observed, the model probably has defects in the specifications of the generator or maybe the generator is located in the wrong place.

The program msnual about segments out of the box I think, but download the engine files from the same 4nec2 website and you can use up to segments! This free software does everything and more the commercial versions do!

EZNEC free- Poster Child of **Crippleware*** | QRZ Forums

If the generator is to be placed in the center of a wireit is recommended to model this wire with an odd number of segments [Ref.

It’s a valuable tool for most antenna’s facts understanding. The power of computers and great sofware indeed saves time and money! The wires of a model manjal touch the perfect ground.

For example, in 4Nec2 the positive current always flows from the end 1 to the end 2 of each wire. If you want to change editors you can do that from the main menu options as well.

I can’t wait to build it. And, once they are translated, you can modify the card format, and, turn them into variable based models for optimization. It is interesting to configure a high segment density in order for those generators to be very close to the apex. AntenneX Online Magazine, It’s available from http: The optimizer is very powerful, but it takes a mannual experimentation to become familiar.


In the mmanual of the horizontal wires, it is necessary to observe a height over the ground of at least one tenth of the working wavelength [Ref. QSTFebrero The program ran and returned the optimal lengths for minimum SWR.

For each case, specifications are provided regarding whether the wires may touch ground or not and in the negative case at which height over ground must be placed. The 4NEC2 software is now hosted at http: Note that in the case of multiband or wideband antennas, the segment density will be different for each working frequency.

The distribution of currents may be asymmetric and the values of ,anual input impedance of the antenna may be inaccurate. The MININEC ground model assumes a perfect ground for the computation of the currents and changes to a dielectric ground for the computation of the far field patterns ground without losses.

If the wire is not paralell nanual the 4neec2, the height of the end nearest to the ground will be considered. In all the radiation patterns calculated with NEC-2, the gain is expressed in dBi. Under normal circumstances, the higher the segment densitythe better results will be obtained in the simulations, with the cost of a higher computing time.

Then, if that variable length for example needs changing, it can be changed in one place in the model much like a software program. After many attempts at building antennas and not understanding what was going on, a wise ham suggested 4NEC2.

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