Mercury Sable Owners Manual [Mercury] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Whatever type of Mercury Sable you own, Haynes have you covered with Ford Taurus & Mercury Sable () Haynes Repair Manual. Haynes Mercury repair manuals cover your specific vehicle with easy to There were many popular Mercury models, including the Lynx, Capri and Sable.

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To return to automatic fan operation, press AUTO. Wrap the vinyl around the roller tube twice.

VENT-Distributes outside air through the instrument panel registers. The EATC will continue maximum cooling disregarding the displayed temperature until a warmer temperature is selected by pressing the temperature control. Depress again to stop window operation. The fuel system may be under pressure.

Fuel and exhaust sytems Chapter 5: Instrumentation Fuel gauge Displays approximately how much fuel is in the fuel tank when the key is in the ON position. Your application is reviewed and, if it is determined to be eligible, you will receive an acknowledgment indicating: Unlock the doors or liftgate with a key.

Mercury Car manuals

Page Roadside emergencies When one of the front wheels is off the ground, the transaxle alone will not prevent the vehicle from moving or slipping off the jack, even if the vehicle is in P Park. Roadside emergencies The fuses are coded as follows. Check the tire pressure when tires are cold, after the vehicle has been parked for at least one hour or has been driven less than 5 km 3 miles.

Page 92 Seating and safety restraints Installing child safety seats in combination lap and shoulder belt seating positions 1.


The EATC system will either heat or cool to achieve the selected temperature. Page 66 Controls and features 3. Check the fluid level in the reservoir. Indicates vehicle information related to recycling and other environmental concerns will follow. Page Roadside emergencies 4. To reprogram the transmitters yourself, place the key in the ignition and turn from OFF to ON eight times in rapid succession within 10 seconds ending in ON.


Page 8 Instrumentation Temporary malfunctions may cause your Service Engine Soon light to illuminate. Maintenance and care Take care swble using a power washer to clean the engine.

Press the washer control to activate the rear washer. Page Maintenance and care 2. Cover the highlighted areas to prevent water damage when cleaning the engine.

NAPA Auto Parts

Page Maintenance and care Do not let the reservoir for the master cylinder run dry. Adjust the height of the shoulder belt so the belt rests across the middle of Adjusting automatic transmission fluid levels Before adding any fluid, make sure the correct type is used.

These tools are free, and your operating system [ The system will automatically determine fan speed, airflow location and if fresh outside air or recirculated air is required. Filling Station Information Filling station information Item Recommended fuel Fuel tank capacity Engine oil capacity including filter change Cargo cover if equipped Your vehicle may be equipped with a cargo area shade that covers the luggage compartment of your vehicle.

Page Roadside emergencies 3. Page Index Emission control system Away from home If you are away from home when your vehicle needs service, or if you need more help than the dealership could provide, contact the Ford Customer Assistance Spare SecuriLock your dealership and programmed to your SecuriLock passive anti-theft system.

Page Driving If the parking brake is fully released, but the brake warning lamp remains illuminated, the brakes may not be working properly. Page 13 Optional instrument cluster Tachometer Indicates the engine speed in revolutions per minute. At Ford Motor Company and Ford of Canada, we are dedicated to providing Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicle owners with programs that will enhance your ownership experience and protect you from unexpected repair bills.


Page 34 Controls and features Speaker sound can be adjusted between the front and rear speakers.

Roadside emergencies Power distribution box The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment.

Page Maintenance and care Replacing the tires Replace the tires when the wear band is visible through the tire treads. Page 5 Electronic sound system pg. Fuels can also be harmful if absorbed through the skin. Controls and features Sble any snow, ice or leaves from the air intake area at the bottom of the windshield. We do it ourselves to help you do-it-yourself, and whatever your mechanical ability, the practical step-by-step explanations, linked to over mercurg, will help you get the job done right.

The dealership Board member is chosen from Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealership management, recognized for their business leadership qualities. Page Maintenance and care If you must replace the fuel manial cap, replace it with a genuine Ford or Motorcraft part. Make cheques payable to Instrumentation Instrumentation Headlamp control pg. It also gives more engine braking than overdrive to slow your vehicle on downgrades.

The tone pattern will repeat periodically until the problem and light are repaired. CD changer if equipped Your CD changer is either located in the trunk or in the right side cargo area storage compartment. Page Roadside emergencies Power distribution box The power distribution box mecrury located in the engine compartment. Turn the horizontal adjusting screw in the direction of the arrow to change the Driving with an automatic overdrive transaxle Your automatic overdrive transaxle provides fully automatic operation in either Play will begin on the first track of the disc unless the CD changer is in shuffle mode.

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