Datasheet 18F – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. PDA. View Full Version: 18F Quaduature Encoder This change will be notified in a datasheet’s () future update. PIC18FI/P Microchip Technology 8-bit Microcontrollers – MCU 16KB RAM 34 I/O datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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I mean how to find the values for.

I tried according to application note but to no avail. Basically datasehet module is counter and two comparators. I know this seems so simple, but it really does ensure you have a few needed things correct before making things more complicated. This is part of it and not complete yet. Thanks for the explanation Henrik.

CCS :: View topic – Can’t setup_spi2(mode) for Pic18f ?

How to find this using equation i use this equ since it’s free running mode here. Subtract 1 for I was wondering if someone has done same thing in pic basic i.

I tried, and submitted a support ticket to Microchip. It’s a great uC!


I can control the Freq just fine, but it makes a mess of the duty. Equation ‘as shown in the data sheet’ doesn’t produce the same figures for PWM resolution shown in Table One Pot is for Frequency, the other is for Duty. The rest seems yeeha as it’s taught in ” MTR” from Microchip.


This ‘is prevented by reading the high byte two times and compare the adtasheet readings. Hi Bruce, Sorry if i pester you a lot.

That concept started to peek through the fog eventually.

Yeah this one is a nifty series PIC for sure. I mean it’s really worth to understand this special function micro which i will face the App soon or later. For PWM resolution use the equation below.

PWM Glitch on the 18F, 18F, 18F, and 18F for very low duty cycles | Microchip

I don’t fully understand how to plan for it, but I did figure out a relationship in my application and kind of applied a brute force solution.

Thanks a lot Bruce. It should be at least enough to get fatasheet started. The more we pound on this and post the results, the better we can get a handle on it. It has a CD that conatins source code in assembly. I am a bit confused. When the counter starts at datasueet the output is set, when it “hits” 18f4413 value of the first comparator the outputs is cleared and when the counter “hits” the value of the second compartor the PWM cycle starts over.


I mapped out the formulas in Excel, but I am still having trouble getting my head around the details. That not only tells me that the program is running, but also that the frequency is correct – something that a blinking LED doesn’t do very well.

PWM Glitch on the 18F2331, 18F2431, 18F4331, and 18F4431 for very low duty cycles

Copyright c Controlled Surroundings Inc. The Quadrature-Encoder isn’t very strange What I ended up with was this: I haven’t played much with this particular dztasheet.

An 18F with two pots, a switch, and the FETs with drivers. But anyhow,it’s clear enough for me to understand. Not yet at least. That was a few weeks of hair pulling!. Now, if I can just find more time to play with it.

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