Manejo de epifitias del Virus de la mancha anular de la papaya utilizando barreras de Zea mays L. en Carica papaya L. []. Cabrera, D., Universidad Central. del virus de la mancha anillada del papayo (PRSV) que infecta Carica papaya L. en El virus de la mancha anular de la papaya (Papaya Ringspot Potyvirus. Epiphyte management of Papaya ringspot virus using Zea mays L. barriers in Carica papaya L. Rev. Protección Veg. [online]. , vol, n.2, pp.

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In squash, watermelon and other cucurbits, PRSV-W causes mottling and distortion of leaves and fruit. Using “clean”, virus-free seedlings for planting is of very high importance. Yields were evaluated at 9 mo after transplanting. Analyzing the mosaic structure of genes. Even low levels of seed transmission for PRSV can have a great impact since the disease can spread very quickly and can play an important role in the epidemiology and control of PRSV Olarte Castillo et al.

The accession “Amarilla de Duaba” had symptoms two months after the first assessment MAFAwhile for the remaining accessions, symptoms were noted after only five MAFA but at proportions that differed among them. It was also introduced directly from India to Australia and the Americas within the last years. The bioinformatic analysis suggested that the PRSV isolates from the locations in Norte de Santander were different from each other, grouping into different phylogenetic groups.

Seed transmissibility of papaya ringspot virus.

In order to implement successful vector control, frequent preventative sprays are required, which is rarely done. Mancua agronomic evaluations Two plants were selected for each plot, and the following measurements were made: The spray application solution was pH 6.

PRSV strains are divided into two biotypes: PRSV has flexible, x 12 nm filamentous, flexuous rod particles and consists of a monopartite single-stranded positive sense RNA, about 10, nucleotides long, excluding a poly-A tract found at its 3’end.


Mnacha exact nonparametric method for inferring mosaic structure in sequence triplets. Morpho agronomic parameters Plant height and stem diameter, reached 2. In the first oapaya, the aligned sequences in the FASTA format were uploaded to the remote server datamonkey http: Introduction Papaya Carica papaya L.

Recombinations have been reported in PRSV in almost all of its genome with the exception of the small region that encodes the protein 6K1. The SimPlot program Lole et al.

Assessment of Cuban papaya (Carica papaya L.) accessions against ringspot

This phylogenetic relationship of the PRSV isolates in Norte de Santander suggests a possible transport of plant material and viral isolates between locations and possible recombination events.

Recombination analysis With the aim of making manch statistical validation of the possible recombination event observed from the groupings in the phylogenetic trees, especially for isolate VR3, we analyzed the aligned sequences in a FASTA format with three different methodologies. This confirmed the information reported by Seeds Caribbean about the agronomic parameters of cv.

Services on Demand Journal. Aphids are the predominant means by which PRSV manccha transmitted.

This virus produces two types of inclusion bodies visible under a light microscope with proper staining of epidemal strips. Watermelon mosaic virus 2″. Varying genetic diversity of Papaya ringspot virus isolates from two time-separated outbreaks in Jamaica and Venezuela.

On the evolution and molecular epidemiology of the potyvirus papaya ring-spot virus. This could improve the yields obtained in papaya cv. These results are interesting because they were obtained under field conditions with a new virus inhibitor formulated against manxha potyvirus PRSV in papaya, representing an important step forward in the improvement of the control management of papyaa disease.

Multiple alignment of papzya nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences from two clones of each isolate were carried out using the MegAlign program. The 1, replicates were performed to estimate the reliability of the branching patterns of the trees.

Genetic variability of Papaya ringspot virus isolates in Norte de Santander – Colombia

PRSV is a non-persistent virus, meaning it does not enter beyond the feeding mouthparts of the aphid, and does not circulate or multiply within its insect host. Backlash against GMO papaya has resulted in surreptitious destruction of papaya plantations under the cover of darkness.


Full-length human immunodeficiency virus type 1 genomes from subtype C-infected seroconverters in India, with evidence of intersubtype recombination. Hawaiian papaya production has been severely affected twice by PRSV. The Papaya ringspot virus PRSV is kancha very challenging virus to amular and prevents achieving a high productive potential in Carica papaya due to the lack of resistant genes in commercial papaya cultivars such as red Maradol, which originated in Cuba and extends to all America and the Caribbean.

Development of cross-protection in papaya was researched in Hawaii starting in From there it slowly spread through the continent reaching China about years ago.

Anexistence of recombination events in the coat protein was observed. PRSV-W should not be confused with Watermelon mosaic virus 2another potyvirus that infects cucurbits around the world, including Florida, and which is now known simply as Watermelon mosaic virus WMV.

CP sequences were adjusted to the same length of pa for analysis. PRSV encodes a single large protein which is subsequently cleaved into smaller proteins with several functions Gonsalves et al. Evidence for diversifying selection in Potato virus Y and in the coat protein of other potyviruses.

The methods of pathogen-derived resistance as cross-protection Wang and Yeh, and transgenic resistance Gonsalves, are xnular only for isolates that are genetically related Tennant et al.

Papaya ringspot virus

Plant DiseaseSt. The treatments were as follows: Technical Assistance Manual No.

The preventive effect of Inhibitovir applications can attenuate and reduce disease symptoms, even in those plants that were infected prior to treatment. Three different strategies were used to determine the putative recombination events.

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