Define Luhya. Luhya synonyms, Luhya pronunciation, Luhya translation, English dictionary definition of Luhya. Noun 1. Luyia – a Bantu language Bantoid. Bukusu- ukusu-English dictionary compiled and edited by: Michael Marlo, The present draft is based on L. L. Appleby’s Luhya-English Vocabulary. indigenous beliefsRELATED ARTICLES: Vol. 1: Kenyans Source for information on Luhya: Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life dictionary.

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Men are normally not expected at the place of delivery.

Thus, in a conversation with any of these men, women will tend or are expected to lower their heads, fold their hands, and look down. Homosexuality is regarded with disdain and disgust by the majority of the population, and persons arrested for homosexual activity are treated harshly by the police. But in general homosexuality is not tolerated in Luhya society. Livestock, especially cattle and sheep, are also kept.

Visits are very common among the Luhya people. Thus, for example, a boy might be named Joseph Wafula, and a girl, Grace Nekesa. Often the dogs will have their kennels outside of the house, but cats may sleep in the house. Log In Sign Up. In one homestead may live an old man the patriarchhis married sons and their wives and children, his unmarried sons and daughters, and sometimes other relatives.

In the present draft, we have retained words from KWL and Mutonyi which were unfamiliar to Wasike, but we have not verified the transcription or accuracy of these lexical items with other native speakers. A Case Study of the Luhya of Kenya. Among the Abalogoli and Abanyole, an annual cultural festival has recently been initiated, but it is not yet widely adopted. A preliminary version of the present dictionary was produced in summerwhen Adrian Sifuna re-translated the Appleby wordlist into Bukusu and verified the data in KWL, based on a re-formatted version of the lexicon prepared by Michael Marlo.

Luhya – Wiktionary

Women are expected to defer to men, especially to their husbands, fathers-in-law, and the older brothers of their husband. The jumping is counted and sometimes accompanied dictiionary rhythmic songs. As such the Luhya people have distinct cultural practices, especially governing the gender division of labor, marriage and women’s access to resources.


Family sizes tend to be large, with the average number of children per woman reaching eight. Were was worshipped through intermediaries, usually spirits of dead relatives.

Civil and church Christian marriages are also becoming common. In some ethnic groups of Kenya, homosexuality can be punished by death. Switch to new thesaurus. Body ornaments like bangles, necklaces, dicfionary earrings are commercially mass-produced in the country or imported, and thus are not in any way uniquely Luhya in form.

Click here to sign up. If the marriage is agreed upon, bride-wealth of cattle and cash, called uvukwi among the Avalogoli subgroup, is paid. Dating among the Luhya is informal and is often not publicly displayed, especially among teenagers. Many births take place in the home, but increasingly women are urged to give birth in hospitals or other health facilities.

Luhya boys and girls are conditioned to behave in certain ways and to play different roles in society.

100 Commonly Used Luhya Words and Their Translations

Death and funeral rites involve not only the bereaved family, but also the community and other kin. Music is mainly of local, Swahili, and Lingala Democratic Republic of the Congo origin, but western European and American music are also common.

The main cooking utensils are pots made of steel or other metals. Music and dance luhyw an integral part of the life of the Luhya people. Greetings among the Luhya take various forms. Although indigenous vegetables like African nightshade Solanum scabrumspider plant Cleome gynandraafrican kale Brassica carinata and pumpkin leaves Cucurbita moschata were used as food [14], and were popular among the Luhya community of western Kenya [13], no household was growing them.

Men generally do not wear earrings. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

The baskets are sold and are also used at home for carrying and keeping foodstuffs. The essence of any form of greeting is not just to salute the person, but to inquire of their well-being and that of their families.

Oxford University Press, Colonization of Kenya by the British from the s to forced ulhya communities, including the Luhya, into migrant labor on settler plantations and in urban centers.

dictionaru The majority of Luhya families are agriculturalists. Children are named after natural climatic seasons, and also after their ancestors, normally their deceased grandparents or great-grandparents.


Luhya – English-Swahili Dictionary – Glosbe

Because the family farm is rarely sufficient to meet all of the family’s needs for food, school fees and supplies, clothing, and medical care, often some members of the family will seek employment opportunities in various urban centers in the country and remit money back to the rural homes.

For births that take place in hospitals or other places outside of home, these rituals are not observed. Immigrants into present-day Luhyaland came mainly from eastern and western Uganda and trace their ancestry mainly to several Bantu groups, and to other non-Bantu groups such as the Kalenjin, Luo, and Maasai.

From my enquiries, the LuhyaKisii and Kamba ethnic communities believe that if you slaughter ,uhya frizzled chicken for your landlord or lady, they’ll never recall that you have unpaid rent arrears.

According to the latest population estimates of Kenya, the Luhya people number 5. Television sets are too expensive for the majority of Luhya families to afford, especially in the rural areas. It is particularly inappropriate for a married woman to wear pants or a short skirt or dress in the dictionzry of her father-in-law.

Luyia – a Bantu language Bantoid languageBantu – a family of didtionary widely spoken in the southern half of the African continent. School-based sports also include track-and-field events. People take a keen interest in one another’s affairs, and people are often willing to share their concerns with others.

Despite their diverse ethnic ancestry, a history of intermarriage, local trade, and shared social and cultural practices have combined to form the present Luhya ethnic group, ditcionary still displays variations in dialects and customs reflecting this diverse ancestry. Ordinarily the Luhya people wear clothes just like those of their fellow Kenyans—locally manufactured and imported dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, etc.

These illnesses are prevalent mainly due to poor sanitation and inadequate access to clean water and health facilities, and also because they frequently do not practice safe sex.

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