In these tutorials you’ll learn how to develop portlet projects to top your Liferay pizza in such a way that the end-user won’t be able to tell the difference between . Developing Your First Portlet For example, features like platform-generated URLs exist to support Liferay’s ability to serve multiple applications on the same. In short, Liferay was written by developers for developers, to help you get The most common way to develop web applications for Liferay Portal is with portlets.

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For example, the Edit mode of a weather portlet could let you choose a location to retrieve weather data tutoeial. The recently released Java Portlet Specification 3. This section shows you how to develop portlets using the following frameworks and techniques: Files stored here include the standard JSR portlet configuration file portlet.

Each portlet phase executes different operations:. Navigate to the portlets directory in the terminal and enter the appropriate command for your operating system:. This is not a recommended configuration, and it is encouraged that you keep your projects in the Plugins SDK. When using MVC commands, the javax.

Liferay MVC Portlet – Liferay – Liferay Developer Network

Developers use Liferay Portal in many ways. If there are so many implementations of MVC frameworks in Java, why did Liferay create yet another one? Adding more views is easy, and you can link to them using edvelopment mvcPath parameter in your renderURL. Customizing an existing web application or feature. This folder is your new portlet project. Open a browser, navigate to your portal http: This makes your applications easy to maintain and upgrade. Whether or not you plan to split up the controller into MVC command classes, you use a portlet component class with a certain set of properties.


By default, the default location is set to your Plugins SDK.

Liferay Portal also contains an OSGi runtime. Portlet creation using the Plugins SDK is simple. This makes tutorials better suited to those with some experience in Liferay development. Do you wish you could use npm and npm packages in your portlets?

Liferay Portal offers complete developer front-end freedom. When you develop portlets for Liferay Portal, you can leverage all the features defined by the portlet specification. Creating Your Own Applications and Extending the Existing Ones Liferay Portal is based on the Java platform and can be extended by adding new applications, customizing existing applications, modifying its behavior, or creating new themes.

This includes public sites, internal sites like intranets, or mixed environments like collaboration platforms. What a perfect model for a web application! This section shows you how to develop portlets using the following frameworks and techniques:.

To specify that property in your component, use this syntax in your property list:.

Beginning Liferay Development – Liferay – Liferay Developer Network

Liferay code can be written in any way Java code is written. Portlet window states control the amount of space a portlet takes up on a page.

Using external artifacts in your project requires configuring their dependencies. Often a web application takes up the entire page. For Liferay plugins, you can create a new plugin that extends an existing one. For examples, check out the liferay-plugins repository from Github. The resource URL then invokes the The first few sections here are Learning Paths.


For example, you can develop your portlet with tutprial standards-compliant developmsnt and APIs, package it in a WAR file, and then deploy it on any standards-compliant portal container. Window lifeday mimic window behavior in a traditional desktop environment:. The tutorials cover the following three main areas: Leave the Use default location checkbox checked.

Portlets are one of those basic building blocks. These files should go in the docroot folder. Liferay Portal offers you a complete platform for building web apps, mobile apps, and web services quickly, using features and frameworks designed for rapid development, good performance, and ease of use.

This is the default window state. A Component is an object that is managed by a component framework or container. Right now our portlet only has two views: The portlet can be on a page that contains other portlets.

Portlet Development

It can also be used as a web integration layer, leveraging lfieray such as portlets to allow several applications to coexist on the same web page. You can also extend them to include your own functionality, and this is no hack: What if you want to skin Liferay or customize it? With Service Builder, the model layer is generated into a service and an api module.

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