Harry Lorayne, renowned brainiac, is most famous for his memory I bought a copy of Lorayne’s How to Develop a Super-Power Memory after. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Full text of “How To Develop A SUPER POWER MEMORY Harry Lorayne”. See other formats. NOW -AT LAST-YOU CAN TRAIN YOUR MEMORY SO THAT YOU .

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Compare your deveop and your improvement. These, of course, follow the rules of the phonetic alphabet, as do all the pegs. Now, here is the point which 1 will keep reminding you of throughout this book.

Train your observation skills: Although naturally, quite a bit of research was necessary, I’ve discarded most of the technical ideas and thoughts be- Foreword cause I found them difficult to understand and to apply myself. No trivia or quizzes yet. I don’t know the exact system that was used, but I do know that it had something to do with seeing the cards actually laid out in order, in the mind. Thanks for telling us about the problem. They’ll probably even know how much money this woman had.

In other words, you wish to start your speech with a refer- ence to the crowded conditions in the class rooms. You are to do the same with the card words as you did with the number pegs. Don’t Be Absent-minded How to handle and overcome mental blocks. Or, see saltshakers coming out instead of milk. Picture yourself milking a cow, but the cow has salt-shakers instead of udders.

If a student has a good memory for one subject, he is a good student in that subject. This problem will be solved for you after you’ve read the chapters on remembering names and faces, and how to utilize substitute words or thoughts.


How to Develop a Super-Power Memory

Jan 24, James Oliver rated it it was amazing Shelves: Next to forgetting the speech, is the embar- rassment of faltering along as if you’re not sure of what you have to say. This again is the association and initial system.

Despite the old school techniques, the book stood out oower the minds of young students. Contents Habit Is Memory. First, however, you must leam how to remember the numbers. Towards the end of this chapter I’ll give you a method to enable you to leam these words thoroughly. You can hardly lose your place; one glance at your list will show you the next thought to put into words.

How to Develop a Super-Power Memory : Harry Lorayne :

If there is a third color, it is usually Yellow, for caution, and that one is always in the center. For the word, “sore,” I usually picture the associated item with a large bandage, as if it had a wound or sore. In this way you will be able to take the same tests after reading certain chapters, and compare your scores.

Let’s see now if you have remembered all drvelop items.

Full text of “How To Develop A SUPER POWER MEMORY Harry Lorayne”

Final sound of the word, “four” is R. Peg System The Description about the book cannot be commented here.

If you wish to memorize your speech thought for thought, from the beginning to the end, you would be forming a sequence. Although some of you may know me as an entertainer, it is not my purpose, of course, to teach you a memory act. They know all the rules of baseball; or who made what great play in what year for which team, etc.


Close your eyes for a second; that might make it easier to see the picture, at first. Also, if on first trying this as a stunt, you do forget one of the items, ask what it is and strengthen that particular association.

How to develop a super-power memory

Aug 10, Syed rated it really liked it. There’s only one thing wrong with this idea in its present stage. How many different colours or types of clothing are mentioned?

Good tricks to remember about anything: Lists with This Book. In brief, if you want to go shopping and want to buy eggs, then want to fix your car, then have a haircut, you make Links. Just “see” the picture for a moment, then go to the next one. Number 6 is the word “SHOE. You will improve rapidly. Or, you might see your win- Link Method of Memory 43 dow as a large telephone dial, and you have to lift the dial to look out the window.

For 20, you can see the object called, on your face in place of your “nose. Don’t just see the word, “carpet,” but actually, for a second, sec either any carpet, or, a carpet that is in your own home and is there- fore familiar to you.

A business man traveling in the mid-west was told about an Indian, living in the vicinity, who had a most fantastic memory.

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