– Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. George Salinda Salvan. PLUMBING. FIXTURES. PLUMBING. FIXTURES. Plumbing fixtures are receptacles intended to receive water, liquid, or water carried. ARCHITECTURAL UTILITIEs· 1. PLUMBING AND SANITARY • THE NEW LADDER TYPE CURRICULUM GEO’RGE SALINDA SALVAN fuap • ASSISTANT.

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This, however, Is not ro-dent control.

Download George Salvan Architectural Utilities 1 Plumbing and Sanitary

Dissdvantages Dangerous because it containes large amounts of bacterias, organic and inorgan-ic substances of varying quantities. Horizontal ReCiprocating Pumps- known as dottble or single acting piston pumps. It wil1 change the nature of buildings, their mechanical systems, and their plumbing fixtures. Size px x x x x Smoke goerge to exhaust heat and smoke to outdoors.

It appears in its natural state as: Lower than this value may result in insufficient flow of water particularly during simultaneous use of fixtures. Cage traps are plumbinng times used if it is desired to capture rats alive for inspectionaf purposes in regard to their fleas. Downfeed System-by gravity from overhead tanks and are sup- ported either by structural frames or on the roof decks.

Humidity on the air condenses on the cold sides and bottom of metal tanks and must be caught in a saalvan drip pan. Insecticidal dusts can be used instead near electric wiring or in inaccessible spots, such as behind the fridge or in the cavities of walls.

To prevent reinfestation, remove all the food sources you can. Vacuum or sweep and wash uncarpeted areas thoroughly. Polyvinyl chloride PVC 2. Yet the amount of space taken up by the plumblng and storage of unseparated wastes is typically less than that required for separated wastes, and space becomes more precious as density increases.


If you don’t follow these rules, a few cockroaches are likely to survive your attacks; their offspring may be more resis-tant genetically to the chemicals you used, and thus harder than ever to eradicate. Hang mothball containers or pest strips in cupboards where the vapors will build up and penetrate atl stored articles. Before using surface sprays inside cupboards, remove all food and utensils; never spray bench tops or areas where food is prepared.

PIPE FITTINGS -include the equipment required for the joining of the various lengths of pipe, such as couplings for connections in a straightline, elbows for connections at 90 or 45; Tees for 45 or 90 branches from one side, and crosses for 90 branches opposite each other.

E1ther end may be userl as inlet. Traps should be set in runways, behind boxes and cans, along walts, and in any sheltered rat is liketv to enter in order to hide.

Others are brass, copper, wrought and cast iron. Moths will not attack clothes regularly exposed to light and air. It is not expected that the Architect will actually perform all the services, Rather he is to act as the agent of the client in procuring and coordinating the necessary services required by a project. In such cases a reserve underground storage of several hundred thousand of gallons or an adjacent artificial lake would not be unusual.

Liquid Solid Gas Weight of water in Liquid form: Wet System -ordinarily with water constantly filling both mains and distribu- tion pipes. To safeguard you won’t wear for months, clean them thoroughly and then wrap them tightly in plastic.

Too tall to be completely accessible to fire-fighting equipment from the ground. When water is called for by the opening of any device like a faucet, air pressure in the top portion of the tank deliver water into the system. It is also used when normal pressure from the City main is not enough to force the water to the h;ghest fixtures.


Solve for the total fixture Units. Water Main refers to the public water system laid undernround along the streets where house service is connected.

Built-In installation Self-rim- ming- the lavatory fittings are installed througl1’1! Cellar and basement floors must be of the specified wall material, be at least 3 inc. No septic tank shall be installed within or under a house. Architecture, North of Manila, St. Fumigation affects surfaces only and will not exercise any germicidal effect within fabrics.

For buildings, the safest and most effective method in general usage is fumigation by sulphur dioxide. To prevent burrowing beneath, this wall must extend at least 60 em.

Fire standpipes, and their hoses are usually located at or near pluumbing stairs from which personnel or Fire Fighters can approach a Fire. Volume solids Weight A voir dupois 16 oz 1 lb 0. Upright- This type is used above pip- ing when piping is exposed. Stack- a general term used for any vertical line of soil, waste, or vent piping.

George Salvan Architectural Utilities 1 Plumbing and Sanitary –

In this case, the relief vent is referred to as the YOKE or by-pass ventilation. Cteanout Ferrule – plumving metallic sleeve, calked or otherwise, joined to. Then the refuse is covefed with earth hauled in from elsewhere. To make this book more complete is the addition of the chapter on RefLJse handling and Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling, from here recycling of Sewage Water is also included.

A master alarm valve control for all water supplies other than the department connections. Vacuum or sweep and wash uncarpeted areas thoroughly.

Perhaps the most despised of household pests, cockroaches are also among–the hardest to control. Important safety rules to remember are:

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