Gallium arsenide pieces, % trace metals basis; CAS Number: AsGa; find Sigma-Aldrich MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical. SAFETY DATA SHEET. GALLIUM ARSENIDE OPTICAL CRYSTAL. According to Regulation (EC) No/ (REACH). Revision MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. I. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION. Trade Name: Gallium Arsenide. Synonym: Gallium Monoarsenide. Formula: GaAs. CAS #.

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Department of Transportation, gaaz All gallium arsenide wafers are individually laser scribed with ingot and slice identity to ensure perfect tracability.

HHHF. Alternatively, the packaging can be punctured to make it unusable for other purposes and then be disposed of in a sanitary landfill. Refractive index n D. I am pretty sure that it is a carcinogen. Avoid formation of dust and aerosols.

Gallium Arsenide Safety.

From Extraterrestrial msfs Terrestrial Applications”. It is also a fairly good thermal conductor, thus enabling very dense packing of transistors that need to get rid of their heat of operation, all very desirable for design and manufacturing of very large ICs.

Anyone machined this stuff? For this purpose an optical fiber tip of an optical fiber temperature sensor is equipped with a gallium arsenide crystal.

These superior properties are compelling reasons to use GaAs circuitry in mobile phonessatellite communications, microwave point-to-point links and higher frequency radar systems.

National Institutes of Health.

The Chemistry of the Semiconductor Industry. Journal of Crystal Growth. Do not use emetics. In contrast, the absorptivity of GaAs is so high that only a few micrometers of thickness are needed to absorb all of the light.

  LTN141XB L02 PDF

Gallium arsenide – Wikipedia

SiO 2 is not only a good insulator with a band gap of 8. Thanks Matt, Reading between the lines on all the safety details, it seems like this stuff is too toxic to machine. In the s, GaAs solar cells took over from silicon as the cell type most commonly used for photovoltaic arrays for satellite applications. Gallium arsenide GaAs is an important semiconductor material for high-cost, high-efficiency solar cells and is used for single-crystalline thin film solar cells and for multi-junction solar cells.

Autumn Safety Kid Safety Looking for safety pic. This is a result of higher carrier mobilities and lower resistive device parasitics.

Gallium arsenide

GaAs is often used as a substrate material for the epitaxial growth of other III-V semiconductors including indium gallium arsenidealuminum gallium arsenide and others.

If a GaAs boule is grown with excess arsenic present, it gets certain defectsin particular arsenic antisite defects an arsenic atom at a gallium atom site within the crystal lattice.

Reacts with bases with evolution of gas.

Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation at places where dust is formed. Many thanks in advance.


Attacked by cold concentrated hydrochloric acid. Storage Gaaz Store locked up. This kind of solar cell powers the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunitygass are exploring Mars ‘ surface. GaAs can be used for various transistor types: Symptoms of exposure to this compound may include diarrhea, hypotension, weakness, cardiac failure, convulsions, coma, nervousness, headache, dizziness hypothermia, abdominal cramps, irritability, paralysis, cardiac arrhythmia, respiratory edema, dyspnea, cyanosis, coughing, peripheral neuropathy, optic neuritis, anesthesia, paresthesia, alopecia, dermatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, salivation, aplastic anemia, kidney damage, anuria, liver damage, jaundice, hematuria, proteinuria and leukopenia.


Respiratory protection Wear dust mask when handling large quantities. Inthe GaAs heterostructure solar cells were developed by the team led by Zhores Alferov in the USSR[17] [18] [19] achieving much higher efficiencies.

Such a layer is relatively robust and easy to handle. I love deadlines- I like the baas sound they make as they fly by. Monitor for pulmonary edema and treat if necessary Semiconductor Devices Physics and Technology.

For manufacturing solar cells, silicon has relatively low absorptivity for sunlight, meaning about micrometers of Si is needed to absorb most sunlight.

Consequently, GaAs thin films must be supported on a substrate material. Contaminated packaging Containers can be triply rinsed or equivalent and msdw for recycling or reconditioning. Follow us on All times are GMT GaAs has been used to produce near-infrared laser diodes since GaAs-based devices hold the world record mdss the highest-efficiency single-junction solar cell at This low carrier concentration is similar to an intrinsic perfectly undoped crystal, but much easier to achieve in practice.

Fires involving this material can be controlled with a dry chemical, carbon dioxide or Halon extinguisher.

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