FIELD MANUAL No. HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Section V – AirLand Battle and Counterguerrilla Operations. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Counterguerilla Operations FM MCRP a [Department of Defense, Taylor Anderson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The

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Usually, when US forces operate in friendly territory or liberate previously captured friendly territory, countegguerrilla sociological factors generally favor the counterguerrilla force. These operation include reconnaissance patrols, ambushes, attacks, encirclements, and movements to contact.

The ability of the guerrilla force to operate successfully does not rely on the attainment of popular support.

Depending on the composition of the guerrilla force, it may have aviation and fire support assets available to it. Preventive defensive techniques include movement security, security patrolling, and combat patrolling, among others.

For a more recent view of related doctrine, see the U.

Observation and operaations of fire, Cover and concealment, Obstacles, Key terrain to include likely guerrilla targets and base campsand Avenues of approach or escape. Their combat power may suffer from killed and wounded personnel and lost or damaged equipment, and they may have logistical difficulties. Conventional conflicts imply a state of open belligerency operagions nations and a direct confrontation of their armed forces.

In the event that the conflict takes place in enemy territory that is occupied, then the policies concerning interaction the the civilian populace will be formulated at theater level in consonance with guidance from the US government. The counterguerrilla force, on the other hand, is usually not dependent on the economy for its logistics.

The distinctions fj offensive and defensive techniques are sometimes difficult to discern. The effect of those factors on the guerrilla and counterguerrilla forces is estimated, then the counterguerrilla force commander uses his estimate in formulating his plan to attack the guerrilla weaknesses while protecting his own vulnerable areas. It must be anticipated that nuclear, chemical, and biological, as well as conventional weapons and tactics countegruerrilla be utilized to achieve guerrilla goals.


In applying these principles, the commander must be aware that the situation in each counterguerrilla operation is unique. If they stay in the operational area for a prolonged period with no external resupply, then their level of efficiency decreases until US forces possess an equal capability. However, reaction to intelligence may require an immediate response. The basic philosophy of rear battle doctrine is to maximize the counterguerrulla of combat support and combat service support elements to defend themselves and render mutual support without requiring assistance from tactical combat forces.

U.S. Army Counterguerrilla Operations Manual | Public Intelligence

Enter Your Email Address. The guerrilla force seeks to disrupt command, control, communications, and logistics operations and facilities.

Unconventional warface forces that may conduct guerrilla warfare consist of special units trained specifically for guerrilla warfare and indigenous guerrilla forces sponsored by the main enemy force. The material in this chapter is general and refers countergeurrilla to countering guerrilla activities in the rear areas of friendly forces engaged in conventional conflicts Figure Once it completes the tactical mission and notifies the rear area operations center, it will be released to its parent unit.

Many of the methods of resistance are part of the stock-in-trade of revolutionary activity.

Rather, the guerrilla force relies more on its ability to cause confusion in rear areas. Some of the questions that should be answered are:. Operational planning is conducted as early as possible.

FM Table of Contents

The counterguerrilla force commander countrrguerrilla be provided guidelines and directives on the current joint and combined procedures for establishing an effective rear defense. In addition, facilities and operations that may not seem likely targets may in fact be guerrilla targets opetations because of their vulnerability. If the guerrilla’s only source of resupply is external, then interdiction of his supply lines can decrease or halt operations as the guerrilla’s supplies are exhausted.


Guerrilla operations in this case support the main effort of the enemy force by disrupting command, control, communications, and logistical operations of friendly forces. The conditions of conventional conflicts differ greatly from an insurgency. Their level of training is usually high, and these counterguerrlla are skilled in weapons, demolitions, communications, medicine, operations, and the ability to improvise when needed. Sign In Sign Out.

The longer these units operate, the more they expend their assets. He will effect liaison with all forces operating in his area of responsibility, fix specific responsibilities, and exercise overall control of defensive operations in response to a guerrilla threat.

In this manner, an insurgent organization can be considered a type of resistance organization. If a tactical combat force is assigned to the rear battle, it ocunterguerrilla be placed under the operational control OPCON of the rear battle officer.


A population that actively supports the counterguerrilla force greatly enhances the capability to detect guerrilla forces. That situation may occur when US forces operate in captured enemy territory. Special units trained for guerrilla warfare usually have a primary mission to conduct guerrilla warfare operations against targets of opportunity with a follow-on mission to train an indigenous guerrilla force.

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