Terima kasih. Rumah awak cantikkkk!! PENGERTIAN: KADAR PENGANGGURAN DI KALANGAN SISWAZAH MALAYSIA Individu yang tidak. FAKTOR-FAKTOR MASALAH PENGANGGURAN. MASALAH PENGGANGURAN DALAM KALANGAN SISWAZAH IPTA/IPTS DI MALAYSIA. Kajian Mengenai Ketidakboleh Pasaran Siswazah Malaysia: Tinjauan dari Perspektif Mahasiswa Fakulti Pengurusan Teknologi dan Teknousahawan (FPTT ) di.

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Most of the time the job scopes look hard on paper, actually easy af and diswazah summore. Author trying to be politically correct in some way. All my kabel offer to me without hesitation.

Rupa Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Lihat sejarah. Recently, due to looming election, they announced it again. QUOTE “Kedua, apabila graduan dari negeri berpendapatan rendah mencari kerja di negeri kaya ini, mereka tewas dengan graduan tempatan yang mempunyai modal atau hubungan sosial yang lebih baik,” tambah Ooi. Kl grads also a lot move to Penang coz of the factories there.

The article seems inconclusive. Dan kilang dalam industri yang merosot akan tutup yang menyebabkan pekerja mereka hilang pekerjaan. Mereka juga mempunyai modal sosial yang lemah, mungkin kerana mereka datang dari kelas sosial bawahan,” kata Ooi.

Why not move elsewhere? U got engineering or it degree u stick in places like kelantan or Terengganu sure no job prospects la But compulsory HR attendance in interviews means we are able to weed up the problematic candidates.


What is ohm’s law? Many graduates will pursue postgraduate because they cant land a job. I don’t mind seasoned professional, but hiring foreign freshie is one I don’t quite agree with given the current freshies unemployment state.

Further examination are required to identity how do the research come to the result. Everyone goes home a winner like kindergarten? This post has been edited by azarimy: Always been that way. This post has been edited by bereev: TERLALU memilih kerja dan meminta gaji yang tidak munasabah – sering dikatakan menjadi punca masalah pengangguran di kalangan graduan. Degree holders in STEM should know the answer easily.

Then ptptn came Now got degree they still complain poor wtf. Those who don’t have either struggle every step and day. With no poor people left, the rich will also end up poor.

I thought only private universities were doing this, but seems like my friends in government universities have the same instructions. How about having enough education to know a bad deal and turn it down? Planning for my son career. Why not just put internship at the very end of the program instead? Or go penganyguran south Korea or Australia to pick fruit.

KPDSM by mohd hairudin on Prezi

The right questions is do you have cable 1st. Namun, sebuah badan pemikir pula mengatakan hubungan keluarga dan universiti awam di mana graduan belajar menjadi faktor penting untuk mereka mendapatkan pekerjaan.


Kelantan deserved it for voting bodo party for decades long. Selepas menganalisis data lapan tahun dari Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, KPRU turut mendapati terdapat trend yang membimbangkan malayisa kalangan graduan.

Those type of questions is expected for organization that size. How makaysia old fashioned family cable. I changed my jobs 3 times already. Regardless from which capalang university or those ivy leagues. I blame the uni. They told me they want to do BIG things.

Can’t fail too many even if they’re not cut out for it. Cables or not depends.

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I have interviewed freshies and god damn man when u travel from other states to come interview, but u didn even bother to google about the company Haven’t spoken to them in a while. Show posts by this member only Post 5. Those siswwazah ones will be in TalentCorp or Petronas. Life is unfair, That’s why either be a rich parent or don’t.

Who said UiTM graduates discriminated again? Which industry are you teaching?

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