Autochthonia Revised. In progress! So go away. Er, unless you wanna read my ramblings. Mostly just an outline at the moment. For the record. The study of these phenomena served as the basis of the gravity based Charms of the Alchemical Exalted. While Autochthon sleeps, his body. Hadal is the capital of Autochthonia in the Gunstar setting (it doesn’t exist in normal Exalted). It’s a large metropolis built on the Pole of Crystal.

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The rest of the nation’s cities reside inside the Pole, hanging like spiderwebs between the thought-cables. Find out what you can do. Owners of the hollow ships that cruise the pole disguised as rock deposits. Finishing up Embn to post soon.


The Autochthonian year is made up of hour days. Previous 1 2 3 4 Next. There’s very little Aztec in the steampunk hell at the moment, so I’ll need to be revising it a bit. Countless abandoned secrets and forgotten history may lurk buried in the Heap. While Dynasts will have an easier time pacifying the city after liberating it, they too will face troubles. Soulsteel isn’t so much horrible screaming metal anymore. So what does this mean? Thorns exists to be saved or to add a note of tragedy and darkness to your series.

If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the exaltes way to do it. Aren’t apostate cities known as Necropoli? The Drone powers in the book count as Spirit-Charms for this purpose.

LeumasWhite/Autochthonia – Exalted – Unofficial Wiki

Any Charm with the Blasphemy Keyword, as well as any Third Tier Sorcery or Necromancy is guaranteed to elicit an immune response from his systems. I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. Make an appointment today! The very basic idea: Oberashti, the Lesser Elemental Dragon of Smoke and Shogun of Genocide coils around this watchtower’s base in silent wait.


Sensing his proximity, a red light emerged from a portal on its forehead and began flashing brightly: Mentioning the war with Yugash is a serious offence. Bearing in mind that the Autochthonian world is supposed to be a halfway point between the Steampunk and Cyberpunk nightmares, it would follow that kinotropes and punchcards are viable alternatives to supercomputers and virtual reality.

When his sister, Blazing Bloodied Blade, servant of Debok Moom, fell in battle to the swarms of one of the first major expanding Blight Zones, about years DA, his duties expanded to encompass not only those of hunting inquisitor, but commanding general against the Gremlin host. Forsaking any hope of walking amongst the Octet again was not an easy sacrifice for the eldest and greatest of the Adamant Caste — it was only the hope of direct communion with the mind of the Maker by rooting themselves in the very folds of his crystalline brain that gave Infinite Facets Observer and her once disciple Emergent Bane of Negation hope that the isolation wouldn’t drive them utterly mad.

Cities inside the pole as well.

Theopoli seem pretty interesting to me! Source of autochthonka, as gremlins fight each other and dissolve in the acid, eventually solidifying into souled metal.

Large source of adamant, but the material is not uncommon elsewhere, plus the Estasians like keeping their Pole intact as much as possible.

It’s silly, and unlike in Autochthonia [where the work shifts are based on that premise] it adds nothing to the setting except being sxalted you shouldn’t think about because it further distorts relative age. First the return of some of my earlier material The Heap continuously melts under the acid rain of the Pole, while growing as new refuse ever-falls.

But long ago, something entered the Pole of Smoke, and changed it.

Autochthonia | Exalted: The Sun Also Rises | Obsidian Portal

Seen as sometimes unethical and possibly unholy, but a valuable ally. Today, the Pole is kept in check by the efforts of the remaining Autochthonian nations, who fight daily to hold back the sickness and the creatures it creates.


Here, beyond a great yonic tunnel of undulating curved walls opening unto the world of the Maker’s form, her metallic spidery arms simultaneously labor across her assembly lines composing animating intelligences, and new devices, inventions, and engines to labor forth. The Sun Also Rises blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven T Temporary impenetrability, stasis, purification Metal: If you like Alchemicals, please check out my DeviantArt Gallery!! Punch cards are old, but very real methods of transferring information, before even floppy discs.

You should check them out. Small correction to a pronoun usage – Infinite Facets Observer was female – though Iceto has abandoned gender-identity.


They thought that Ixut was invincible, so when it was destroyed they naturally started looking for a traitor in their ranks. Ok, here’s the first and since it does the introduction, probably autocgthonia of the Theopoli posts Reconstruction spirits can often be seen emerging from the crystal, scuttling off towards whatever damage has occurred.

They have a few outposts at key sectors, which are linked to whenever a city draws near.

Some autochthonka the largest cities even have a small garden for use only by the highest-ranking members of the Tripartite Assembly. Autochthonic has no true written equivalent, utilizing instead a basic array of simple informative glyphs.

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Connection system using connection outposts when travel is needed. The great Court of Mog is accessed through the space between electric bolts within the Pole of Lightning.

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