Aug 27, Evidencia que exige un veredicto – Josh McDowell. El autor de éxito de ventas Josh McDowell presenta magistralmente, inteligentes y inquietarán a los no creyentes y dará a los cristianos explicaciones de su fe. evidencia· • que.. exige un veredicto. evidencias históricas de la fe cristiana. Traducción castellana de René Arancibia Muñoz compilado por Josh McDowell .

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It starts out with the weakest possible arguments for Christianity, like how widely read, how ancient, and how well respected the Bible is.

Probably as good as it can be. Also debunks some misconceptions and alternate resurrection theories, etc. Admittedly, the individual arguments aren’t incredibly deep or fleshed out else the book would be encyclopedia-sizedbut together they make for a comprehensive and convincing case.

I really recommend buying this book, reading through it at least once this is my second time reading through itand then using it as a reference. Great book, all or so pages were worth it. This review was first posted to Inside the mind of a Bibliophile Easily over pages, it covers nearly every objection to Christianity that I have heard.

Nueva Evidencia Que Demanda un Veredicto by Josh McDowell

Second, I don’t like how the first few chapters are laid out. I didn’t like it lol. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

In particular, I found his arguing away of objections to the inconsistencies of the Bible to be very unconvincing, in which he simply explains that there can’t be any, and any that appear as such are just being misinterpreted or taken in improper context. I wouldn’t recommend that, but it helped me get a feel for the entire book. It is so dense and mcdoell that it takes a bit to digest.

There is so much information it reads more like a encyclopedia at times. Well, after a painstaking collection, I reduced the choices to under 40kg and well, the rest is history. New Evidence is best as a jumping off point for other resources the bibliography alone was an impressive 40 pages.


This is definitely a book everyone needs in their library as it is an invaluable resource to a very deep topic with eternal significance. McDowell claims the bible is exceptional, because it is cristinaas over a vast period and by many different people in different backgrounds, yet it is miraculously and divinely free of inconsistencies. God used this book to change my life.

People who bought this also bought. Evidencia Que Exige un Veredicto.

Evidencia Que Exige un Veredicto

Then he says if you think you’ve found an inconsistency, there are 15 rules you have to check to see it it is an inconsistency or not. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Vintage Paperback Paperback Cookbooks. When he was digging up all evidenclas “evidence” in the holy lands he was overwhelmed and converted.

My only criticisms are that it does tend, toward the end, to get bogged down in philosophy, and I do wish it cristiajas gone into more detail exposing inconsistencies in evolutionary theory as well. Want to Read saving…. Unusual use of evidence to support his point of view. Josh estaba seguro, por lo que sabia, que el cristianismo no valia la pena, pero acepto el desafio, y puso en el punto de mora la resurreccion de Cristo como el primer acontecimiento que debia desacreditarse.

I also hate arguing and don’t really think you can argue someone into faith in Christ. Reasonable evidence for the existence of Jesus is not evidence of his miracles.

I do respect McDowell but fundamentally disagree with his approach to apologetics.

This book reads as if it was written by someone who has never in their life even read the Wikipedia page on Biblical Archaeology it’s here: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I think that putting this book through a sieve of formal logic would shake out much of the weaker content, and strengthen much of the good content.

Then he claims that by proving a fragment of the bible true, it must be all true. Girl, Wash Your Face: Lists with This Book. They’re all broken down to one point per section, and some sections, like introductions and conclusions, are basically summaries and so are very short. The most important one – “there are no inconsistencies, the bible can contrad Lots of claims. When discussing disbelief in the claims of the Bible, he rarely actually addresses what evidence he believes exists to affirm these claims, instead just waxing on and on about how the claims are consistent with the rest of the Bible.


If you are looking for an intellectually-honest, evidence-backed evidenvias of what the Bible is and what we should think of the claims made about it, this book is not for you. This book so thoroughly misses what the Bible actually is and how it got that way, as generally outlined by the scholars of such topics, that I have a hard time believing the author has ever read evicencias genuine, academic, scholarly-rigorous research on the Bible.

Furthermore, the ways in which McDowell seeks to refute claims against the Bible as he believes it is are poorly constructed and, in my opinion, frequently self-deluded as well.

Evidencia Que Exige un Veredicto : Josh McDowell :

That’s a little hard to accept, if you consider he claims he looks at it critically in the same way he would look at a secular historic document. I tend to be much more intuitive in my decision making, so for me, it was something that was good for me to read, but I didn’t have fun doing it. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Now times the original size it is more like an encyclopedia or reference book than something most would sit down and read through. Honestly, I never really had a hard time believing Christianity was true, so all this stuff seemed a little tedious to me. The rest can be, at best, considered a fallible source. Books by Josh McDowell. But I read the pages straight through. It’s a little dry, but what factual book with so much to cover isn’t?

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