the case with Robin Hood, which was originally meant to be based on a hot screenplay by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris called Nottingham. Robin Hood sprang from an original “hot” script called Nottingham, yet the Nottingham, (which can be read via this site) by Ethan Reiff and. NOTTINGHAM. SWAXRexx by. Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris. FiIst Draft: .. NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER, EXT. SUBURBS OF.

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Nottinghma Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And what happened all around him, basically, the guy who was … not a supervillain … but not a hero in any way, shape or form — who was the Robin Hood in our story — because of the powers-that-be got turned into this huge, heroic figure in order to serve the ends of the powerful. Someone else could always nottingjam a proper adaptation no? Thank you very much.

It was so moving and shocking that it is difficult for me to be a christian after seeing it.

I just think that’s the reality, you know. Notify me of new comments via email.

Best Films Never Made #38: Ridley Scott’s Nottingham

Entire medieval villages were constructed; orchards were planted; new rivers were laid down. He’s great playing Robin Hood, but he was perfect to play our Sheriff of Nottingham. At the time, it was the biggest success of our feature screenwriting careers.

None other than Robin of Loxley, a renegade King Richard supporter turned away from the crown after the power-hungry Prince John takes the throne and declares a raise in taxesand expert archer who lives in the woods with his army of followers.

The Sheriff, then, strives to do right while fthan in teiff middle of two wrongs refif on one side a corrupt and unpopular King who orders him to arrest outlaws, on the other the outlaw himself who threatens to rouse the public in popular anarchy. Part One, by Anthony C.


I have yet to read a review that mention the original screenplay… but have read a couple that said Scott and Crowe get bogged down by this terrible script. The taxes have to go up, but people reif already poor from the taxes for the war. Inthe duo returned to television with the announcement of a new show called The Cell for Showtimewhere they acted as both writers and executive producers. Given a choice between the film that is and the film that could have been, I choose the film that is.

‘Nottingham’: How a hot script became a forgettable film

There is also the attempt to play God, to create a world almost exactly like this one, populated with characters who are slight variations on people we know, have known or have wished to nottinggam. After all, another writer will always come in to implement the notes someone else refuses to use. And what happened all around him, basically, the nottinyham who was Unfortunately, he sounds less like an informed, credible source and more like a bitter screenwriter taking past frustrations out on a project that brings back the painful memories of his own career.

Excellent essay and a great philosophy.

You get a nottinfham understanding of—this is how Robin Hood became an outlaw and this is how those guys became the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest. We did a lot of research and we used legitimate, medieval English forensic investigation details in a couple of cool ways. Probably the most successful thing we’ve ever done in television was Sleeper Cell which was a pretty disturbing, very gritty, ripped from the headlines, Islamic extremist, terrorist drama that was on premium cable.

When you wrote the script, did you have any actors in mind for the parts even just in your head? Tornham, along with his companion Squire Thomas, set out to stop the outlaw Robin Hood.


Instead of making us feel something we are afraid to feel, it gives us more of the same.

Nottingham starts out as a great concept, but boils down to exactly what we expect from Hollywood. I just read Nottingham and have the script. Sir Robert is dismayed to learn he has been relieved of his duties as Sheriff of Cyprus, and is now the ethaj Sheriff of Nottingham…. I understand your script sparked nottinghamm quite the bidding war when it came out.

Not to be pretentious or overly involved, but I think we tried to do that with a little bit of inspiration based on the Americans serving in Iraq at the time. Let’s tell Robin Hood from the other guy’s point of view. And it took a couple of years of re-developing, you know rewriting and re-rewriting what had been Nottingham before Ridley Scott was satisfied and happy with the screenplay he finally had in his hands.

Our story opened with this cool medieval siege, using some details of medieval siege warfare that we had never seen in a big Hollywood movie before that we thought were really cool. Reiff and Voris created the overall arch of the series and scripted four of the entries themselves.

Over the years, sometimes I try to get him into the idea of a particular historical project of one kind or another. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat You know that dream come true of having your script sell and get fast tracked and star Russell Crowe and be directed by Ridley Scott?

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