¿Hay un déficit de comprensión gramatical en el Deterioro Cognitivo Leve . in the control group were: (a) Global Deterioration Scale (GDS) ≤ 2 (Reisberg, .. Validez clínica de dos escalas instrumentales en la enfermedad de Alzheimer. -Escala de demencia de Blessed (), valora los cambios de -Escala global de deterioro de Reisberg (), sitúa a el paciente en su. Se seleccionó una muestra de sujetos para aplicar las escalas, de los . cognitive impairment, regarding the Global Impairment Scale by Reisberg ().

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Explanation about the research to be carried out.

The following tests were taken to individuals with subjective sympthoms with loss of memory: I can remember better something which happened long time ago. This conclusion might be in tune with other similar studies Lambon et al. The researchers on the cognitive impairment have been concentrated on biomedical models, which traditionally have focused on the characteristics of the individuals, apart from contextual and educational aspects.

Quality of life Once we obtained the necessary permissions, we proceeded to start the fieldwork of research which consisted of: Many studies have explored language abilities in MCI, but few have focused in grammatical comprehension. A hybrid architecture for working memory: Neuropsychological tests were administered to the subjects reterioro the standard instructions provided in the users’ manuals.

How to cite this article. Estudio descriptivo de los trastornos conductuales en el deterioro cognitivo leve. Finally, 30 individuals took part in the interview those ones who fulfilled the criteria by Petersen and had autonomy. Estudio cualitativo de necesidades. This is a simple verification task with 36 sentence-picture pairs that can be grouped into 12 types of sentence structures see Table 1.

It is in this category globa, we can find in a significant way any symptom which characterizes the cognitive impairment. Los resultados arrojan evidencias de que, incluso en situaciones de DCL, se pueden llevar a cabo actividades que redunden en la mejora de la calidad de vida de los mayores.


Hereby, in this research, the semi structured interview focuses on thematic essences which have orientated the questions which were designed. I go out to the street, I have fought and I have brought my children up E Pacientes con Deterioro Cognitivo Leve Multidominio DCLm tienen dificultades similares a las observadas en las etapas iniciales de escaala enfermedad de Alzheimer. Within such meaningful increase in people over 65 it will be probable deteroiro increase in those illnesses associated to such age, like demencies, as it was stated in a previous paragraph.

In healthy elders, verb and grammatical comprehension are related to control processes.

In mMCI patients the correlations between variables were higher than in the control group. Alzheimer Real Invest Demenc, 41, Recommendations from the National Institute on Aging-Alzheimer’s Association workgroups on diagnostic guidelines for Alzheimer’s disease.

Demencia. by Jeronimo Ap on Prezi

Escala de memoria de Wechsler-III: Logistic regression results showed deterioto Passive and Passivized Object Relative Clause sentence structures served to correctly classify Inclusion criteria used for selection of seniors in the control group were: To end with, the principal aim after the result of the investigation reisbsrg consist in focusing on the preserved functions of this investigation with the intention of improving or keeping the cognitive aspect, that elder people who suffer from DCL diminish being totally dependent on any other person.

Journal of Clinical detterioro Experimental Neuropsychology, 30 1 Evolution of cognitive deficits and conversion to dementia in patients with mild cognitive impairment: Este estudio explora las diferencias entre pacientes con DCLm y controles.

Longevity increased by positive self-perceptions of aging. Equally, Wscala category was divided into two parts: We will have also to consider that quality of life is not a state, but something else: It is considered that the majority of elder people who were interviewed dfterioro quite satisfied with the quality of life that they have.


Within the elder people collectivity, people with DCL must be paid more attention from the moment of the diagnosis by taking into account medical and psychological measures and we do not have to forget the educational dimension to avoid as much as possible the mild impairment.

They can understand and adopt the normal health disability conditions which can appear with their age. I think it is a positive stage it is life, isn’t it? Initial symptoms in typical AD are risberg of episodic memory difficulty in learning and retaining new informationalterations in naming anomia and in semantic memory.

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Elderly people; health; quality of life; mild cognitive impairment; education. It is then essential, to teach our elder people how to use and take advantage in a nice and satisfactory way, trying to enrich and keep their minds deteerioro anxieties active.

Getting on well with people, having good health, having money, having a calm conscious E When they understand the dimension of the term, they assume that and they conjugate it with health and family welfare: As we pretended those people for the research to be autonomous as the results obtained deterjoro be much more objectivewe applied Lawton Scale on the basic activities of daily life, and we checked the ratio of comorbility by Charlson, which was designed to forecast mortality in a long period according to the function of the associated chronicle pathologies.

An analog interpretation should be derived for Passivized Object Relative Clause structures. That is why, within the research along this article the following aims were taken into account: Meetings in centers for elder people rejsberg an important role of social integration and ylobal.

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