Erich Przywara was a Jesuit priest, philosopher, and theologian of German- Polish origin, who .. John Betz, “Translator’s Introduction,” in Erich Przywara, Analogia Entis: Metaphysics: Original Structure and Universal Rhythm, Eerdmans , Grand. ERICH PRZYWARA: A NEW EVALUATION Karl Barth, and the German Jesuit, Erich . analogy of being, the analogia entis; he argues that the. Erich Przywara’s Interventions in the Philosophy and Theology of the s The first thing to say about the analogia entis is that Przywara did not invent it;.

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Here the long traditions of classical and Medieval philosophies arrive in order to influence both Przywara and Balthasar.

Erich Przywara – Wikipedia

Przywara breaks these conventions open, and this is appropriate to his belief that one of the functions of analogy is a sort of iconoclasm. Despite the suggestion, I do not think I have any more wish to completely overturn the established than does Heaps. Analogia Entis is not a repristination piece.

Studies of Saturated Phenomena New York: The rhythmic movements in which humans are always already embedded make up the horizon of experience in which God is encountered, but this encounter manifests as a productive interruption to those everyday rhythms, forming those rhythms in new ways. Hans Urs von Bal Jean-Yves Lacoste, Experience and the Absolute: A Theology of Becoming New York: And this is ultimately the difference between Heaps and I. Still, Przywara pushes a step further as with Lacoste to allow the inexperience of God to speak positively.

Despite these influences and resonances, few English-speaking readers have studied Przywara. But Przywara, by interacting with Husserl and Heidegger, also integrates developments in philosophy since Dei filius and Aterni patris that, as Kevin Hart has argued, subsequent papal reflections on the council and the Leonine program have largely ignored.

The reciprocity of being differently-than should not be conflated with symmetrical being differently-than. More than just relieved, I find myself gratified—bordering on elated—that, even in the mode of ericu, she took up my suggested mentality and carried it into precisely the wider horizon that I believe Dialectical Traditionalism leads. Protestant issue, the cause of analogy has been taken up by a trans-denominational group of thinkers who nevertheless share certain theological and ideological tendencies.

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After all, not only is the deposit of the past that which occasions our critical questions, but its effective history wirkungsgeschichte constitutes wntis material resources we can marshal in defense of both our affirmations or our condemnations. Consequently, sixth, Thomas considers possible a materially philosophical treatment of the being and attributes of God, one whose ground is the metaphysics whose formal object is being qua being.

Joachim of Fiore’s distorted stress on the similitude between the union of Christians with God or, it should be added, with each other and Trinitarian unity, entos the neglect of divine transcendence Jn In the same way that I wondered above about there being an inter-traditionalism in addition to an intra-traditionalism, I have wondered that there is little eridh no mention of an inter-creaturely oscillation in addition to the intersection of the intra-creaturely and the theological oscillations that make up the analogia entis.

It is perhaps for Thomas Aquinas, most of all, that beauty is a deeply sensational experience. Science Logic and Mathematics. But if God would create only wisely, then if the creature is to xnalogia by God’s free mercythen certain other things — debita naturae — must also exist. Przywara achieves this by conceiving of analogy, not as a relation between two things —God and creature—the nature of which is known in advance, but as an interplay of movements between two analogies that are themselves in motion.

We might, as Balthasar points out occurs in the transition between Medieval thinking and modern, be concerned at how the human being becomes the central pzywara point of thinking about the universe instead of God cf. What Ryan Hemmer has done for us here is both significant and subtle, and I want to spend some time drawing out the implications of his thesis.


Or else, the Aristotelian and Hegelian dialectics aim to show the simple truth through or in the antitheses, falling back into pure logic. We return from the inexperience of God not knowing less about the world, but more.

First, I want to thank my fellow scholars, Hemmer and Montejo, for their fine contributions so far.

This transition is the ultimate upshot of the dictum “grace presupposes nature,” which implies that nature must therefore be “intrinsically ‘underway towards’ grace,” not because of a claim but because divine gratuity is pzywara. Przywara offers a theological diagnosis of the times through his Mariological, ecclesiological, and Christological readings of the Old Testament.


The publication of Erich Przywara’s Analogia Entis is a major, welcome event, especially in the English speaking theological world. Although he learns from Kant, Hegel, Husserl, and Heidegger, he is not a disciple of any of them. The principle of non-contradiction is overcome because truth is arrived at through the identity of contradiction and the flux of opposites is held up in its own right, rather than as a means to identity.

Analogia Entis – Erich Przywara : Eerdmans

However, if this is the case, it might also reveal a deficiency in Przywara which after all is possible if, as Lonergan suggests, opposed tendencies may exist in the same systemalthough one that I think could be rectified by his own logic.

Only God can welcome everything into reconciliation without restriction. Instead, from the very beginning of Analogia EntisPrzywara shows that an adequate metaphysical analysis—one that has come to terms not only with Plato and Aristotle, but also with Hegel, Husserl, and Heidegger—will have to take the more difficult route that variously selects both the meta-noetic and and meta-ontic valences of investigation.

This is, rather fittingly, a symposium very much about the delicate pairing of apparent opposites.

The symposium proper consists in several contributors, each of whom—save a couple of exceptions—writes a primary response to Analogia Entis and also writes a response to one of the other panel members.

Lonergan answers that it depends on how we are asking the question. Thro – – Modern Schoolman 62 1: The creature’s underway actuality points towards an unmoved mover. Die problematik der neuscholastik. There are worse things to be suspected of by strangers than Hegelianism. Fordham University Quarterly 17 1:

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