The ENSONIQ serial number label must appear on the outside of the Unit or tho ENSONIQ warranty is void. •ENSONIQ, ESQ 1, Mirage and MASOS are. Ensoniq ESQ-1 () Synthesizer 61 keys: 8 voices, short spectral PCM wavetable and analog filters. Listen to audio demos manual, demo, video, comments. As with every ENSONIQ product, all ESQ-1 service will be handled through the ENSONIQ The ESQ-1 Service manual is divided into four different sections and .

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The data in the second packet is sent to locations through H in the upper bank. For example, if the Filter Cutoff Frequency is manually set to its maximum value ], you will not be able to modulate the Frequency any higher with an Envelope or other Modulator. Tempo does not have to be selected. Selects for undefined songs will be ignored.

There are no reviews to display. Adjust the level to around to -6 dB, You may have to experiment to find the level that works best for you. Its effect will be the same as that of the MOD Wheel. Originally an Electric Piano Wave, but with only the first nine harmonics left in.


Naturally occurring sounds have their own Envelopes. So the only way to really zero in on a single Event is to step through by single Clocks.

Applying Velocity [VEL] here would make a note’s placement in the stereo mix depend on how hard you strike a key.

First select the Program you want to edq-1. But it can vary from instrument to instrument, depending on the circuitry used, and could conceivably pose a problem.

Taking the example used above, the OSC 1 Page would appear [ike this: So if eeq-1 Display reads: Higher frequencies are filtered out. What is definitely NOT recommended is a very cheap portable-type recorder.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 | Vintage Synth Explorer

Page enables Pressure to be received, as wsq-1 as determining which type will be received – Key or Channel Pressure, See p, There are three Banks of ten Sequences and one Bank of ten Songs. This tells you the number of Bytes of Sequencer Memory available.

The Bar in which you first began playing becomes Bar Performing any of the following sequencer functions when there is very little sequencer memory remaining can cause a system crash: The amount of time between the Key Down and the Key Up doesn’t really affect the amount of Memory required to record the note. Take for example the OSC 1 Page: For many players this may work better than having just a one measure Countoff in which to get ready to Record.


ENSONIQ ESQ-1 Musician’s Manual

Range for each Track is 1 To Use this page to: The Current Program the one you started from will always occupy the the opposite Keyboard half. The available range of values 21 To corresponds to the the 38 key range of a grand piano.

Higher values of this parameter will cause the Filter to open up more get brighter as you play higher up the keyboard. This resets the Sequence to the beginning.

The first step in recording a new Sequence is to Create, or define, kanual Sequence in one of the empty Sequence Locations. Check Them Out The best way to understand the Waveforms is not to read about them, but to hear them.

Sequence dumps should not be sent to an ESQ-1 without first transmitting a sequence dump alert message and then waiting for the response. Additional synth courtesy of the Ensoniq ESQ1.

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