The Eburnean orogeny in Africa results from the continental collision between the San Francisco and Congolian cratons. The different stages of this orogeny in. We have investigated three greenstone belts (Boromo, Houndé, and Banfora) and associated granitoid terrains, which form part of the Eburnean orogen. These metamorphic and structural characteristics provide new constraints for the geodynamical evolution of the Eburnean orogeny in the North.

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By the Eocene, in the Cenozoic, the region returned to terrestrial conditions.

Eburnean orogeny

Member feedback about West African Craton: Geological map of Africa 1: The extremely old crystalline basement rock of the shield is almost entirely Neoarchean age and metamorphosed to hornblende Volcanism in Atakor took place in several different phases, beginning 20 million years ago and continuing eburneaj the Holocene.

The Birimian Supergroup has two units, one a successi The country has extensive natural resources, including gold, diamonds, and iron.

Menu Skip to content. The Harmattan hanging over forest and banana plantations. Rocks of this age have been found in the Hoggar Mountains, in northwest and southwest Nigeria and in Cameroon to the north of the Congo Ebyrnean.

Eburnean orogeny

The Boundaries of the West African Craton. I saw the true purpose of the waterproof pages in my notebook as the sweat streamed egurnean my face in the heat and high humidity.

My meeting with the chief of Siana. In total, I spent four and a half months in the field, split over two field seasons during the early months of eburnexn Atakor is one of several large volcanic fields in this mountain range, which sits atop of a domal uplift and has erupted basalt, trachyte and phonolite.


The Lufilian Arc is marked “LA”, in the pink shaded region between the Congo and Kalahari cratons in eburrnean lower left of the map.

Geology of Senegal topic Topography of Senegal The geology of Senegal formed beginning more than two billion years ago. There are rugged hills in the northeast, with elevations of up to 1, meters.

Here we confronted the biggest challenge of mapping in southwest Ghana: Around Ma an asthenospheric upwelling released a large v Like finding a needle in orgoeny haystack!

Member feedback about Geology of Senegal: Look up eburnean in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. The crew perched atop the megacrystic leucogranitic Juju Mountains. Member feedback about Geography of Mali: Holocene volcanoes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. This combined with the ebudnean number of regional studies in the Sefwi Greenstone Belt opened up a fascinating and untapped research avenue into Palaeoproterozoic geodynamics.

Geologic map of the Tarkwa gold district in Ghana showing significant folding and faulting associated with Eburnean metamorphism. The Kibaran orogeny is a term that has been used for a series of orogenic events in what is now Africa that began in the Mesoproterozoic around Ma and continued until around Ma when the supercontinent Rodinia was assembled.

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This timeline of natural history summarizes significant geological and biological events from the formation of the Earth to the arrival of modern humans. These cratons were formed between about 3. Geology and Mineral Resources of West Africa. Samples gathered were used for microstructural constraints and metamorphic P — T modelling, as well as new geochemical and geochronological data to constrain the geodynamic setting and timing fburnean magmatism, sedimentation, metamorphism and deformation.


Eburnian faults are found in the Eglab shield to the north of the West African craton and in the Man Shield to the south of the craton. Retrieved from ” https: More recent sedimentary rocks are found along the coast.

Times are orofeny in millions of years, or megaanni Ma. Member feedback about Atakor volcanic field: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Palaeoproterozoic domain is unique in that it is dominated by vast, alternating granite-greenstone provinces bound by craton-scale shear zones, reminiscent of Archean domains.

Eburnean orogeny – Wikipedia

Geology of Mauritania topic The geology of Mauritania is built on more than two billion year old Archean crystalline basement rock in the Reguibat Shield of the West African Craton, a section of ancient and stable continental crust. The Archean greenschist Birimian rocks common throughout West Africa are the oldest in the country, intruded by Proterozoic granites. Member feedback about Geology of Ivory Coast: Furthermore, it represents the first orogenic event during a period of global orogenesis between 2.

Orogeny Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

My research focuses on the geology of central SW Ghana, with the aim of furthering the understanding of crustal evolution and accretion of the West Orgeny Craton during the Palaeoproterozoic.

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