View and Download DigiDesign VENUE Profile manual online. VENUE Profile Music Mixer pdf manual download. VENUE SC48 User Manual. VENUE SC48 User Manual. By Chris,. Categories. Audio · Video · How to Acoustics · Product Focus. We’re proud to be the AV. Digidesign Profile Mix Rack System Digital Mixing System user manual · Go to Digidesign website Digidesign VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing.

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Transferring Settings, Shows and Presets You can copy Console Settings, Shows, and Presets to and from a portable storage device such as a USB key disk for backup, transfer from standalone software, and transfer be- tween systems. If the desired plug-in is not listed, it must be re-installed from the original CD-ROM or other media. The Bus Assigns switches are the primary routing controls for the currently selected channel, letting you bus it directly to the Mains L—R bus or to any other mono or stereo group.

Available destinations for Direct Outputs include: Don’t show me this message again.


Groups Assigns the Output Faders to Group levels. To change Stereo Group Panning Operation: Testing Events Event List. The selected snapshots are updated according to your changes and your choice of Absolute or Relative edit. Output Masters Output encoders select and adjust plug-ins.

It includes a table of problems and solutions that pro- vides answers to common questions, explains on-screen text messages, and refers you to specific sections later in this chapter or elsewhere in this guide for details and instructions. Wireless Network Connection icon and choose Properties. Click the Load button. Don’t have an account?


To duplicate an event: To access inputs 9—12 for the current mixer, press the Next Page switch. Turn a rotary encoder to adjust the pan for the correspond- ing mono Group. To route channels to any number of Group busses: The main unit, which includes a trackball, master controls, faders and meters, can be expanded with up to three sidecars to give a maximum of 56 faders [1].

Snapshot Controls On Venye Console Previous Instantly recalls the snapshot prior to the most re- vdnue recalled snapshot. Target a channel by pressing its Select switch. Mix Rack is essentially a SC48 without control surface. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Pickoffs Snapshots The Pickoffs page lets you control the bus pickoff point on in- The Snapshots page provides several snapshot preference set- put strips, as well as specify source and insert points for output tings to optimize Snapshot operation.

You can set up an Event to toggle Cue on Mains on or off.

The family now includes 5 different consoles and a number of ways they can be configured. Page Edit Enables Edit mode. Creating Events To duplicate an event: Though it has fewer input faders, it can still run the same show, as it can be connected to the same combinations of inputs and outputs described above. This page vehue last edited on 10 Januaryat Or, right-click a se- lected event and choose Duplicate.

Shows And File Management Chapter Go to the Filing page and click the Save tab. Locate and double-click the ECx host software uninstall pro- gram C: Continue to step 4. Take advantage of Tool Tips in the banner display to con- firm what action the Undo button will revert.

Presets with a live source. Press the same now unlit Mute switch again to explicitly mute the channel.


VENUE SC48 User Manual

If you select Variable Sine, you can set the sine wave fre- quency with the on-screen frequency control directly to the right of the Signal pop-up. The Metering section includes Bus and Main Outputs meters. Width controls are not available on mono channels. Mechanical Specifications Chapter In the Inserts section of the Outputs page, do one of the fol- vated.

This is designed to enable the sounds recorded by the artist in the studio to be easily recreated on stage, and to allow for greater flexibility in signal processing without heavy and mechanical-shock-sensitive racks of external processors.

VENUE Live Sound Systems Documentation

Tighten digidsign screws to secure the monitor in its new position. Plug-In actions that interrupt audio require Config mode. To copy and paste channel settings on-screen: Page Channel Scope Controls Selected Channel Indication Channels are included or excluded from snapshots manuxl clicking The Snapshots page indicates the currently selected channel.

Disabling an active event does not automatically de-activate Deleting and Clearing an Event any associated actions configured for While Active behavior. Multi-Assign Type Text Search The Multi-Assign switch in the Output section is used to route Type Text search lets you use the keyboard for fast navigation multiple channels to the selected output bus.

Snapshots cannot store and recall custom console channel position. Outputs and Output Routing This chapter shows how to do the following:

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