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From its beginning in its specialities went to the admissions of women and children, pointing out the emerging studies of that period concerning paediatrics.

View Ideas submitted by the community. Determinazione del patrimonio del debitore Sezione 1 Verifica e ammissione dei crediti Articolo L. The general director was in charge for a period of five years, with the possibility of being reelected one or more times. Essi non possono quindi che competere per le distribuzioni successive a loro richiesta.

Having in mind the fascist dictatorship characteristics that would be ruling Portugal for forty eight years, ddecreto all in terms of the retrocession produced in the field of the social politics, it 624-1 to be symptomatic this nomination to be in charge.

La verifica dei crediti. Between September and Decemberthe total admissions were patients in these conditions, with more patients hospital entries by transfer, leaving with discharge patients, patients leaving the hospitals for transfer and died patients.

The right to health care protection, by a modern and advanced National Health Service, only arrived in Il les informe des instances en cours auxquelles il est partie. In questo caso, si applicano le disposizioni del capitolo VII del presente titolo.

Atol Palmyra

Profile last updated Nov 11, Skip to main content. This nomination, which was legally valid fromis the last one in a long and evolution process which has its start inwhen the king John II establish the creation of the All Deecreto Royal Hospital, an institution similar to the great hospitals of the period in Europe and contemplating consultations for poor people and sections for mental patients and abandoned.

Il transmet cette liste au juge-commissaire. Des droits du vendeur de meubles, des revendications et des restitutions.

In mancanza di accordo o in caso di contestazione, la richiesta viene posta davanti al giudice-commissario che decide sulla sorte del contratto, in vista delle osservazioni del creditore, del debitore e del legale rappresentante immesso. Essi sono tenuti alla riservatezza. From that resulted the adoption for the resolution of the two most important problems of the hospitals — the growth of patients and the selection of admissions —, the following tools: One Deceased Patient, by lack of treatment, is a molecule to take off to the public wealth ….


Contract s Source text – French I. In this context, the field of the social politics, even bearing in mind its evolution, would always be very limited. The Civil Hospitals of Lisbon: Log In Sign Up. The doctors promoted the vulgarization of the scientific speech of medicine where the private clinics, the domiciliary visits and the hospitals acquired a central role5. Also at the level of the managing and administration model of the Hospitals, the years covered by this study follow the huge political, institutional and social instability occurred in the first third of the 20th century in Portugal.

I crediti alimentari non sono sottomessi alle disposizioni del presente articolo.

Atol Palmyra – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

In ogni caso, le dichiarazioni del Tesoro e della sicurezza sociale sono sempre fatte sotto riserva delle imposte e altri crediti non stabiliti il giorno della dichiarazione. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Qualora il debitore ha messo il rappresentante legale mandataire judiciaire a conoscenza del credito, si presume che abbia agito per conto di un creditore in quanto non abbia rivolto una dichiarazione del credito previsto dal primo comma.

Lo sviluppo del bilancio economico, sociale e ambientale Articolo L.

Inoltre, sotto riserva delle disposizioni degli articoli L. Le mandataire judiciaire doit lui communiquer tous documents et informations utiles. In the words of Curry Cabral: Post Your ideas for ProZ. To the successive enlargement made across decrteo times never corresponded a decrease in the density of the patients number, with the flow of people to admission. Once more the situation of the Civil Hospitals decretto Lisbon now elevated to the condition of General Directorate — the higher office decrdto the organic structure of the State immediately after the Minister Office and the General Secretariat of the Ministry — would suffer more changes.

Ce dernier peut saisir du litige le conseil de prud’hommes. That aspect follows the political transformations that finally prevailed with the pronouncement of the Republic in 5 Octobertransmitting centrality to the intelligentsia power of 624-1 doctors near the institutions of the State, training the bodies and attitudes of the populations. The administration centralized in the hospital matron and his assistant, followed after with a more deecreto link with the Hospitals internal services — offices and wards — gave the place to a transitory period with a director of the Hospitals — formally denominated as hospital matron — between and — until the formation of the Medical Commission and the Directive Commission of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon, with a president and the directors of the several hospitals.

I creditori titolari di una sicurezza pubblica o legati al debitore tramite contratto pubblicato sono avvertiti personalmente o, se possibile, al domicilio.


As already pointed out, by the Decree of 6 Novemberthe Administration was personalised in the hospital matron nominated by the king, with two assistants elected by the Brotherhood of the Decreti of Decretl and two assistants nominated by the Government.

Send email More actions. The way of the Portuguese collective historical process would be, as such, very long until the country witnesses the constitutional recognition of the universal political, social, economical and cultural rights to the people, only possible after the end of the fascist regime in 25 Decret Questa clausola deve essere stata convenuta entro le parti per iscritto al massimo nel momento della consegna. The minister of the Kingdom himself, Hintze Ribeiro, supported this work between andbut this was never discussed in a Parliament session Amelia, Hospital Real de S.

After that, decrto is important the more organic stability assumed by the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon, only organically affected by the Decree 11of 25 Novemberturning off the Ministry of Labour, passing to other Ministries the services which were ruled by its several departments, including the autonomous. The autonomous direction of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon, jointing the administration and supervision of all special and decrrto services of those units belonged to a Commission formed by the directors of the Civil Hospitals and as assistant administrator that would become the secretary of the Commission.

In direct confront with the priests of the Catholic Church, and decrefo by side with the teachers and lawyers, the doctors gained importance near the ruling classes of the end of the Portugal of the 19th century, although this was a largely catholic and rural country in terms of its population.

jessicadm87 – French to Italian translator.

The Directive Commission of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon, decteto a decision of its 27 April meeting, would ask to the Government to act in law to put the diary pensions requested to the poor inhabitants of the municipalities of Portugal for all Hospitals, excepting the Miguel Bombarda Madhouse, the determined ones in the beginning of every year by the Commission, to the patients of the general wards. But the truth and reality dexreto that the majority of the units of the country only with great willingness could be designed as hospital, corresponding more to a dispensary or clinical station badly outfitted, with a small medical staff and allowing bad quality health caring.

Translated by David Pereira.

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