Instituted by the British the Chhota Nagpur Tenancy Act, is an important act for the tribal population of Jharkhand. It restricts transfer of. Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. Thumbnail. View/Open. GIPE (Kb) · GIPEpdf (Mb). Date. Author. Legislative. (Supplementary Provisions) Act, (Bihar Act 14 of ), of Section 46 of the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, (Act 6 of one acre; but does not include any.

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Union of India, thro A declaration under Section 6 of the Land Acquisition Act is stated to have been published on 9.

Calcutta High Court Y becomes a tenure-holder in respect of the land. Methods of payment of rent.

Atma Ram Trust… v. PLJR that the limitation provided under Section of Chhotanagpur Tenancy Actdoes not oust the jurisdiction of Civil Court if a cause of action arises even Definitions – In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context, i “agricultural year” means the year prevailing in a local area for agricultural purposes, and such year shall be deemed to commence and terminate on such dates, respectively, as the [State] Government may, by [notification]direct: Petition for enforcing the rights of the Differently-Abled in Competitive Examinations.

Tenancy Actagainst respondents no.

Saving as to service tenures and holdings – Except in so far as the [State] Government may otherwise direct by notification, nothing in this Act nagpyr affect any incident of a Ghatwali or other service tenure or holding.

They could not be ejected except under the provisions of Section 41 of the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act which not having Measurements of land – 1 Every landlord of an estate, tenure or ‘Mundari khunt-kattidari tenancy’ shall have a right to make a general survey or measurement of the lands comprised in such estate, tenure or tenancy, unless restrained from doing so by express engagement with the occupants of the lands.

Another HRLN achievement towards ensuring child rights.


Chotanagpur Tenancy Act: What next

As such, it is quite Entry of Mundari khunt kattidari tenancies in record-of-rights. Rajasthan High Court Himachal Pradesh High Court. Revision of record-of-rights, and new settlement of rents, under orders of State Government Procedure in inquiries – In any inquiry under this Chapter, a Revenue Officer,- 1 shall have regard to any evidence that may be available in respect of the following among other matters, namely,- a who originally reclaimed the lands and brought them under cultivation; b whether the lands have at any time been let as landlord’s privileged lands or as Raiyati lands; and c whether the lands have, since their reclamation, been let year by year, or for specific periods, or for indefinite periods; and 2 shall proceed in the prescribed manner; and 3 shall receive in evidence any judgement, decree or order of a Civil Court or of the Deputy Commissioner, if the same be relevant; but no such judgement, decree or order nagour be conclusive proof that the lands are, or not landlord’s privileged tejancy.

Maternal death due to CHC staff negligence. Office for instituting suits and making applications – Suits and applications before the Deputy Commissioner under this Act shall respectively be instituted and made,- a in the Revenue-office of the acct or b when the cause of action has arisen within the local limits of the jurisdiction of a Deputy Collector, who is empowered to receive such suits or applications, then in the office of such Deputy Collector; or c in the office of the Revenue Officer having jurisdiction to entertain the same.

Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act.

Union of India and others 2 SCC National Company Law Tribunal. Devolution of occupancy right on death – If a Raiyat dies intestate in respect of a right of occupancy, it shall, subject to any local custom to the contrary, descend in the same manner as other immovable property: Recovery of contributions from co-sharer tenants Section of the Bihar Tenancy Act Provided that no enhancement shall be ordered except on yenancy or tenzncy of the following grounds, namely: The society filed the instant writ petition questioning Buddinath Mishra And Others… v.


Method of calculating present value of praedial conditions Jhagru Mian And Ors. Provided that any such house and building and the materials and the site thereof and the land immediately appurtenant thereto and necessary for their enjoyment may be sold in execution of a decree for arrears of rent due in respect of the site of such house or building.

The respondent has stated that it is tenant in the premises of petitioner Sale of tenure or holding in execution of decree for arrears of rent A.

chota nagpur tenancy act, (6 of ) | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Act and if not is it not an inadmissible document for not to exhibit, unless original is produced to cause impound and that too when the original document is undisputedly available in another Provided that nothing in this Section shall be deemed to exempt the materials of houses and other buildings from attachment of sale in execution of decrees for rent.

By order datedMr Competition Appellate Tribunal 0. Payment into Court by defendant, after tender to plaintiff – 1 The defendant in any suit before the Deputy Commissioner under this Act may, if he has duly tendered the same to the plaintiff before the institution of the suit pay into Court such sum of money as he may consider to be due to the plaintiff, without paying in any costs incurred by the plaintiff up to the time of such payment, and such sum shall immediately be paid out of Court to the plaintiff.

Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, 1. Registration of certain transfers of tenures Shyam Sundar Sharma v.

State of Haryana 4 SCC

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