Publishers’ Weekly describes Blame It on Paris as “a frothy French confection”, and Booklist calls it “hilarious a fun, frothy tale for anyone who has ever. Laura has spent most of her adult life avoiding serious relationships, flitting And only weeks before she’s scheduled to leave Paris for good?. REVIEW: Blame it on Paris by Laura Florand love the way your redneck Georgia brothers pronounce his name) uncles’ farm outside Paris.

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Blame It on Paris

I realize that it’s the love story with Sebastien that’s the center of the story here and not her adoration of France and the French, but she has a tendency to come off as culturally superior. OMG, I loved this!

I loved all the scenes in Paris. The original heart of Paris, that giant, unhygienic, life-filled market that used to be Les Halles, was destroyed inthe single most appalling city-planning decision Prime Minister Pompidou would make in his tenure of architectural horrors.

The main character was made to be so annoying with no real redeeming qualities, besides being “cute”, that I have no idea how Sebastien would be attracted to her. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This tension streams in along the RER lines from the suburbs, where Paris exiles its housing projects, and compacts into dense, hard energy at Les Halles.

I had hoped it would be a comedy of errors a la Diane Johnson but non-fiction, or a humorous meditation on being an American in a strange land in the manner of Bill I had very high expectations for this book.


Booklist Review

I did not realize until I was about a quarter of the way through and looked it up on her website, but this is actually the author’s memoir of how she met her Parjs husband. The waiter greated us with that French courtesy, not smiling, but not not smiling either: In addition, both families were highly entertaining!

The only real good parts of this book was Sebastien and some of the descriptions of life in Paris. I really liked this. I picked this up thinking it was fiction, so my reading of the entire book was colored by that assumption. It felt like it jumped from just getting together to making all these life changes for each other.

I think some of the parts were too lengthy, but then I also laufa the writer was trying to impress how tough this whole situation really was. And I wanted more of how they got to that place! And part of this is probably because god damn, Laura Florand, you are lucky as shit and I am jealous as hell. Sometimes the author comes off as a hysterical female, but Sebastien just seems like a really nice guy.

I told you to stop. It is likely the basic story of how the author met her husband.

Can you believe she had a total of 4 weddings? He’s a sophisticated Parisian. Tory, a cute and slender brunette, fit right in with this crowd, except for the daypack she had insisted on bringing with her and the worried ,aura on her face. It made me laugh more than once and reminded me that love is something that can transcend cultures.


He’s a sophisticated Parisian. Not only was he lahra, he was my hero.

I tried to love it, I really tried, but it just didn’t work. Best of all, she turns the tables and lets us see our own culture through the fresh, French eyes of the man she loves. Charming and laugh-out-loud funny. Comic transnational romance ensues. Nov 25, Renee rated it it was ok.

I can’t believe that those things really did happen. Oct 25, Cooper rated it really liked it. Probably one of the reasons why I got bored with is because I’ve read far too many stories that are in Europe. Dec 21, Brandi rated it did not like it.

Blame It on Paris, by Laura Florand | Booklist Online

Florand did very well. Her four weddings all to the same man are funny as hell. Too bad, she could have recouped some of th 3. Look at the way he moves.

Blame It On Paris by Laura Florand

Look at the way he opened that bottle of wine. I gave it to friends with a layra in both cultures. I think she should have sold her various weddings as features to magazines. My favorite quote from the book is during the author’s third wedding led by an aging priest.

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