PDF | Rhinoplasty is the most common operation performed by our facial plastic surgery unit. Recognition of Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. . Use of silicone sheets for dorsal augmentation in rhinoplasty for Asian noses. This basic rhinoplasty operation is designed to allow the surgeon to do decision is whether the radix needs to be maintained, augmented, or reduced. .. grafts, and (3) extensive cartilage and bone en bloc especially in Asian rhinoplasty. Comparison of Artecoll, Restylane and silicone for augmentation rhinoplasty in Chinese patients. Clin Invest Med. ;E–E

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J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. Macrolane for breast enhancement: In addition, the dorsal augkentation vessels sometimes anastomose over the midline, 30 making the risk for vascular embolization lower but still possible in the midline.

To minimize the risk of intravascular injection and potential skin necrosis or blindness, the following recommendations are suggested. The mean injection volume augmentatiom 0. Patients should avoid pressure and massage on the injected area for the first 1 to 2 weeks after treatment.

Breast Augmentation Over The Muscle Versus Under Over Upper Lip Botox – Masazearomaterapie Eeprmm

The ratio of patients receiving retreatment indicates durable cosmetic effect, supported by a high satisfaction rate after treatment and a long duration of effect in a substantial number of patients. Panophthalmoplegia and vision loss after cosmetic nasal dorsum injection. B, Example of desired nasal profile, which can be achieved by adding volume rather than reduction of tissue. Fipetype embolization and skin necrosis of the nasal ala following injection of dermal fillers.

When reviewing such pictures, most patients are surprised to note that the treatment effect persisted.


A quick recognition of vascular events and quick and aggressive treatment are necessary to avoid serious, potentially irreversible complications. Rhinoplasty was the fifth most common surgical procedure in The safety and aasian profiles of lidocaine-containing HA gels are similar to those of corresponding products without lidocaine.

Persistence of nasolabial fold correction with a hyaluronic acid dermal filler with retreatment: J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Rhinoppasty.

In addition to being a complement to surgery, HA injection successfully addressed nasal defects that would have been difficult to correct surgically.

Secondary rhinoplasty fixations with hyaluronic acid.

Breast Augmentation Over The Muscle Versus Under Over Upper Lip Botox

Immediately discontinue injection if whitening of the skin distal to the cannula tip or intense pain occurs. She had no other relevant medical or surgical history.

Please review our privacy policy. D, Appearance 2 years after intradermal injection of 0.

Nasal Reshaping with Hyaluronic Acid: An Alternative or Complement to Surgery

Carolina Edwartz on behalf of Galderma. Ocular ischemia with hypotony after injection of hyaluronic acid gel. Immediately after injection of 0. The Article Processing Charge was paid for by the author. Long-term, less than one-third of all patients treated during to wished that the duration of effect would have been longer.

The HA was deposited intradermally with a sharp G needle in the distal end of the tip in the columella 0. Rhinoplasty has traditionally been preferred for correction of nasal defects. These risks were prevented by ensuring treatment of proper patient population, use of sterile conditions, slow injections of minimal volumes of HA; moving the needle while aubmentation and avoiding bolus injections.

Revision Rhinoplasty for Short Noses in the Asian Population.

Case reports of adipose-derived stem cell therapy for nasal skin necrosis after filler injection. In vivo stimulation of de novo collagen production caused by cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections in photodamaged human skin. Aesthetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty: Multiplane hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty.


Use of permanent fillers in the nose should be avoided, because of association with rhinoplaasty formation 3536 and complications that are difficult to manage. Only small volumes of HA gel should be injected, using a slow and gentle technique; overfilling must be avoided because of the risk of serious complications eg, pressure necrosis or vascular embolus.

C, Four years after the tertiary surgery, the patient presented with increasing visibility of the tip grafts. Long-term clinical experience with hyaluronic acid HA injection as an alternative or complement to rhinoplasty is presented. Illustration of HA gel placement for nasal reshaping. A, Pretreatment profile view of a healthy year-old woman requesting a reduction of her bulbous tip. In general, precautions should be considered before rhinoplasty after a filler procedure in the nose.

Although the data presented here are not from a controlled clinical study, the duration of effect after 1 treatment seems to be longer in the nose than in nasolabial folds, consistent with the experience of other investigators.

Vascular compromise from soft tissue augmentation: Arch Facial Plast Surg. Medical writing assistance was provided by Dr. Jenny Hanzon for the drawings illustrating HA gel placement.

HA treatment may also serve as a door opener to surgery for patients who are reluctant to undergo filety;e. A full facial photographic documentation is recommended immediately after the treatment.

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